PFS PBP Gameday IV: #07 - 04 The Ironbound Schism -- GM Hmm (Inactive)

Game Master Hmm

Campaign Maps & Handout

This game is part of PFS PBP Gameday IV

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7–11.

The cataclysmic Earthfall shattered the ancient Thassilonian civilization, and like its slumbering runelords who fled the destruction, many ruins lie hidden. The Ironbound Archipelago was once part of Edasseril, kingdom of envy, and word has reached the Pathfinder Society that an ancient ruin has emerged on the isle of Flintyreach. Can the PCs gain the local half-orcs’ trust and brave the resident giants’ wrath to secure this archaeological treasure?

Written by John Compton and Linda Zayas-Palmer.