Games of Chance (Inactive)

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A gestalt campaign in a homebrew setting starting at level 3, the PCs are new recruits to the Chance City Watch in the worst district of the city.

The world of Nexus


The world is flat. Sailors tell horror stories about ships they've seen fall over the edge. The waters fall off the edge of the world straight into the Plane of Elemental Water. While there are a couple of cases of survivors who made their way home again, most don't survive a trip off the edge of the world.
In the center of the world is the island of Nexus, ringed by whirlpools. You can't get there by ship, but the island is full of portals to other places on the world and to other planes. Nexus is also home of obscure arcane knowledge only a small fraction of which has been studied and understood thus far.
There are three continents, two small and one large. The small continents are Injorin, which is covered in jungle and has only one port that foreigners are allowed to dock in, the great city of Marabaya; and Haran, an oriental nation which is also not friendly to foreigners, only allowing them to trade at the port city of Akkaido.
The largest continent, Arasay, is home to many nations.
Zoara, a large desert kingdom, home to nomadic tribes and the infamous slave markets of Khalid.
Taluset, a nation of many races drawn together by a fanatic new religion.
Drusae, often referred to as the land of savages.
Fjorlan in the far north.
Sradeth, the crumbling remains of this once great empire still occupy the majority of the landmass of Arasay, but they have lost all of their territories that gave them access to the sea.
Braxys, a land of technological advancement.
Vaelyn, a mountainous country whose main occupation seems to be piracy. The city of Coomb is well-known as the most lawless pirate stronghold in the world.
Sorryn, where the campaign takes place.

The kingdom of Sorryn


The capital of Sorryn is Azora. Sorryn is a monarchy and is not an overly warlike nation. It is very humanocentric, although currently there are many units of hobgoblin mercenaries within the country, hired by the crown to deal with unrest sparked by overly eager Burners of the church of Iomedae running amok.
The largest city in Sorryn is the enormous port city of Chance, a haven for people of all races and backgrounds. Chance has a seperate government from Sorryn, being treated more as a colony or protectorate than truly a part of the nation. This has created much political tension between the crown and Chance.

The city of Chance



The Outer City: Built outside the old city walls, now there are new walls to contain it, but it is in danger of soon apilling outside those walls as well. There are three large gates leading into the city. The Seekers Gate, the Night Gate, and the Trade Gate. Watch Captain: Melody Eaglescrest.
Shaelin's Landing: The richest district of the city and where city government is located as well as temples to most gods and the most frequent location of the University Arcanum (the university moves around the city fairly randomly). Watch Captain: Victor Tallin.
Old Town West: A very middle class district. Quiet and mostly residential. Watch Captain: Haakon Hammerhold.
Tradesman's Wharf: The manufacturing center of the city. Watch Captain: Chariss Thon.
Old Town East: A center for many of the city's non-human populations. Watch Captain: Allison de Moraen.
Docktown: This district covers most of the docks and wharves and is a center of trade. With so many sailors coming and going there is always something going on in Docktown, but watch out or you may find yourself 'volunteering' to join the navy at a moment's notice. Watch Captain: Matteo Drake.
Warrens: The poorest district of the city and the center for most of the crime in the city. Also includes the Underwarrens, highly contested territory between the goblins and kobold populations of the city. Newly appointed watch captain (we'll see how long this one lasts): John Turnsdale.


The city is ruled by a Quorum, made up of elected officials from all of the districts. The Quorum is headed by the Governor, who is elected by the Quorum for a term of not less than eight years.
The current governor is Tavarus Lamplighter.

People of Note

Lynora de Trevante - the governor's wife and the head of the city's spy and information gathering network yes, my screen name was originally taken from this character
Admiral Ludden de Feyne - commander of the contingent of the Royal Navy stationed in the harbour
Hedda One-Hand - head of the Dockworker's Guild
Willy the desperate - purveyor of fine rats on a stick and pies of questionable origin
Arwen Shadowhawk - Dean of the University Arcanum
Perdith de Joret - Arwen's husband and personal secretary to the High Cleric of Iomedae
Genevieve Ferris - Head of the Smith's Guild and a member of the Quorum
Arthur Dragonheart - a paladin of Iomedae, king's liaison to Chance
Tik-tik - thri-kreen Quorum member who often gives public speeches on the importance of equality
Aurix - All-Watcher of the "mining guild" (fancy way of saying kobolds) and a member of the Quorum

Warrens Watch

Captain: John Turnsdale, human
Clerk: Shifty-Eye, indiscernible species
Cleric: Zavriss, probably human cleric of Zon-Kuthon...he'll heal you and/or provide you with potions and wands, but it's not the most fun way to be healed and some say natural healing is better since it hurts less.
Watchmen NPCs:
Nico - half -elf adolescent boy, red hair, violet eyes, rogue/urban druid
"Spider" (Justine Weaver) - human girl, blue eyes, black hair, petite, rogue/soulknife
Penny - tibbit female, indeterminate age, auburn hair, golden eyes, rogue/sorcerer
Keriton - thri-kreen, swashbuckler/wizard
Dray - half-giant psychic warrior/cleric of Sarenrae
The NPC Watchmen are mostly for social interaction. They can be assigned to a unit in need of some support in a particular area, but usually they work together as their own unit.

The Trough - a drinking establishment favored by the Watch. Proprietor Thorvig, a no-nonsense dwarf. The gnome wizard Thissus can usually be found slumped over the bar. The bouncer is a half-orc named Gorig.
Forty Winks - a boardinghouse situated next door to The Trough, run by an ex-watchmen named Hoodwink. Offers a substantial discount for watchmen.