GM Rednal's Bloody Jack (Inactive)

Game Master Rednal

Discovered Clues:

> The strange circumstances of the grisly murder apparently perpetrated by a child.

> Inspector Muncy’s strange behavior in regards to this case and his involvement in a similar prior investigation.

> Madam Larua always suspected that Bill Hughe was Bloody Jack.

> Someone or something wanted Madam Larua dead, and it may have something to do with the Bloody Jack killings or the murder of Bill Hughe.

Player Handouts:

Receipt issued for work done at Grindylow's Grinders (found in Old Bill's bedroom with the repaired device in question, dated ~30 years ago)

Advertisement for a fortuneteller (found at Grindylow's Grinders, in a hidden compartment in Old Bill's cart, along with a large iron key)