GD VII [SFS] Revvy Bitterleaf's Scoured Stars Invasion (Inactive)

Game Master Revvy Bitterleaf



Unless otherwise mentioned, using a reward gained from a preparatory task is a free action. If a reward gives a bonus to a check or otherwise affects a check, the PCs must declare the use of that reward before rolling. These rewards apply to the group, and the group must agree to use the bonus before a PC can gain the benefits.

Radaszam thanks the you for your help. Once during the adventure, each PC can requisition a weapon with an item level up to the PC’s level +1 for the duration of one mission.
The group must use this ability prior to starting a new encounter, and this ability cannot be used during Part 4. The weapon comes with a fully charged battery or full magazine. You can also requisition a single consumable item with an item level equal to the PC’s level. These consumables cannot have permanent effects, and PCs who do not use them during the course of the scenario must return them at the end of the adventure.

Thankful for the assistance, Historia-7 shares a priority code that allows you to divert CPU power from a carrier to your starship, granting you a +4 bonus to any one Computers check during starship combat. Alternatively, a PC can use this code on a ground mission, allowing that PC to count as being trained in Computers for one check.
Alternatively when a PC fails a Computers check, they may activate the reward to reroll the check with a +4 bonus.
Or they can roll twice on the Computers check, take the better result and add a +4 bonus to it.

Going through the information on the threat analysis gives the you a good idea of what type of monsters you might face: misshapen abominations, carnivorous plants, dead things, megafauna, robots, terrible extraplanar beings, and worse. You can reroll one check to recall knowledge about any creature they encounter within the Scoured Stars.

Select any one successful starship weapon attack to count as a critical hit if it hits,even if the die result isn’t a natural 20.

The overall morale improves, and you can rely on your allies to help you when the going gets rough. Once during the adventure, the group can gain the benefit of aid another (+2 bonus) to all skill checks and attack rolls for 1 round.

Thankful for the help, the chief engineer installs a special boost switch in your ship. Once during the adventure, you can flip the switch to force the crew of an enemy ship to take a –2 penalty to all Engineering and Piloting checks made during the round. The use of this ability must be declared at the start of the
starship combat round

R-TEP represents an option to opt out of an ongoing encounter using special communication channels to call a specialized transport ship. Activating the R-TEP does not take an action, but the transport doesn’t arrive until 1 round later, which means the PCs must survive for another round before they get out. When the ship arrives, the party is immediately removed from the encounter. Dead and unconscious characters (and any gear in the same square as the character) are also extracted— and if dying are stabilized. The ongoing mission is aborted, and the Table GM doesn’t report a success to the Overseer GM, but the table may immediately start a new mission.
Admitting defeat and using the Society’s limited resources for extraction is stressful for the PCs, and as a result, each PC at the table must spend 1 Resolve Point when they activate the R-TEP. If a PC does not possess the necessary Resolve Points to afford this option, then another PC at the table must agree to spend an additional Resolve Point to cover them. If the PCs do not have enough RP amongst them to engage the R-TEP, then they must
continue with the encounter

This will also be used to move you guys to next parts of the scenario if you are still in an encounter when we move forward - that option will not cost resolve