Deathwatch: The Shadow War (Inactive)

Game Master Yuugasa

The Morpheus Sector:
A heavily industrialized sector of space close to the Imperial heart land, this territory suffers from far greater than average incidents of heresy, corruption and rebellion.

Situated in the galactic northwest half way between Terra and the Eye of Terror, the Morpheus Sector is a primary production source providing men and material to reinforce the Cadian Gate and the Imperial watch worlds encircling the Eye of Terror.

With the launch of Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade the Morpheus Sector is stretched to the limit providing resources and has become comparatively lightly defended at a time when it needs strength like never before.

From the Realspace/Warpspace overlap on the eastern side of the Sector, once a large group of heavily populated Eldar worlds and now a nightmarish Warpstorm known as the Realm of Dreams, come the Chaos Space Marines and their armies of Heretics intent on destruction and mayhem.

From below the galactic plane, rising up like a beast from the depths to consume all; Tyranid Hive Fleet Tiamat has already almost completely devoured a neighboring Sector and now encroaches on Morpheus.

And near the center of the Morpheus Sector, amid dead worlds and old, weak stars long ignored by the Imperium, ancient, machine like intellects begin to awaken and focus their malignant, alien gazes upon the heavily populated human worlds around them.


Because Initiative can drag a game to a halt on an online game the normal Initiative rules will be discarded and combat will work like this:

Once the scene is described for a combat I will declare the combat to begin, after this players will have 24 hours in which to post their actions, after 24 hours the enemies will get their turn, then you may act again, 24 hours after I make the enemy post they will go again etc till the combat is done.

If you do not post within your 24 hour blocks you lose that particular turn. However, life being what it is I know it is easy to miss a turn or even a combat so I will balance encounters as if you guys have less party members than you do, so if everyone posts awesome! You should kick alot of ass.


Communication is a big part of what keeps a Pbp alive, if I go on vacation, get sick etc. I will tell you and keep you updated if I need to pause the game momentarily. I will not disappear randomly. (unless I get hit by a bus load of monkeys driven by the incredible hulk or something similar, not a lot I can do about random death.=p) and I intend to play the game to completion as long as I have literally at least one player still interested.

On your side please inform me if you need to take a break for any reason, it's cool it's just helpful to know what's up.

In addition if you want to leave the game permanently for any reason, just tell me, it's cool, even if the reason is as simple as the game now bores you to death or you have better things to do, I won't be offended it will just be a lot easier to run the game if you don't randomly disappear.

Aside from those big things anything else you need to talk about just feel free, even if you want to PM me, let's keep this game running as smoothly as possible. Which brings me to my next point*

Player Code of Conduct*:

Aside from the Paizo Boards guidelines my only real rule is simple: Don't be a jerk.

There will be conflicts and differences in opinion in this game as with most games but we will talk it out as best we can without abuse, snark, insults etc.

Polite conflict is fine but if you get nasty I will issue you a warning and ask you to take it down a notch, after three warnings I will boot you from the game. We are here to have fun, not rip into each other. Polite discussion always please.