Black Fang's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Justin Sluder

Bastards! – Those damned bastards took my 'Lana's wedding ring right off her finger! Get it back and I'll give you free room and board for a year and a ten percent discount on anything you buy through me. - Oleg
Current Status: K'tzhang is pretty sure Tartuk has the ring.
Acquired: 10 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: not yet
Collected: not yet

Berries for a Nut – Bokken, an eccentric hermit living east of Oleg's, has requested you bring him some fangberries. He tells you they're located about a days ride west of The Old Sycamore.
Current Status: In progress.
Acquired: 11 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: not yet
Collected: not yet

The Sacred Statue – Mikmek, a kobold you rescued from the mite lair told you the statue you found there is sacred to his tribe, the Sootscales. Return him and the statue to his tribe and maybe the trouble with the Sootscales will end, but that's up to Chief Sootscale.
Current Status: Mikmek returned, statue broken by accident, Donk appeared after Caelin told him to so he could steal the horses.
Acquired: 13 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: 14 Pharast, 4010 AR
Collected: not yet

Save My Family, Please! - Milosh, a reformed bandit, has asked that his family be delivered to him as soon as possible.
Current Status: Chasing down the bandits who have kidnapped Milosh's children(Milinka and Dujin), murdered his wife (Anya), and burned down his farm.
Acquired: 16 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: not yet
Collected: not yet

Notice: Kobolds of the Kamelands – Dwelling in the hills south of Rostland, in a region known as the Kamelands, the Sootscale kobold tribe has become a nuisance. Any who manage to provide verifiable proof they have solved this issue shall be granted a reward of 160 dragons.
Current Status: Effectively a non-aggression pact.
Acquired: 10 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: somewhat
Collected: not yet

Tatzlwyrm Trophy – I'm looking for something to hang over the fireplace. Get me an undamaged tatzlwyrm head and I'll give you 600 gold crowns for it. -Oleg Leveton
Current Status: In progress.
Acquired: 10 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: not yet
Collected: not yet

Tuskgutter Takedown – The damned beast took my leg. I'll give anyone who can bring me his corpse my bow and quiver. Leave word at Oleg's when you're done. -Vekkel Benzen
Current Status: In progress.
Acquired: 10 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: not yet
Collected: not yet

Wanted: Bandits of the Greenbelt – By order of the Swordlords of Restov, any who make a significant, and verifiable, effort to reduce the activities of bandits attacking from the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands shall be granted a reward of 800 crowns.
Current Status: Completed with the fight at the Thorn River bandit camp.
Acquired: 10 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: 29 Pharast, 4010 AR
Collected: not yet

Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg – This man is wanted for various crimes, including by not limited to: assault, banditry, grand theft, horse theft. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, contact Kesten Garess at Oleg's Trading Post.
Current Status: In progress.
Acquired: 19 Pharast, 4010 AR
Completed: not yet
Collected: not yet

4010 AR Updated: 21 November, 2011
24 Calistran
Received charter to explore and map the northern section of the Greenbelt area of The Stolen Lands from the Swordlords of Restov.

1 Pharast
Left Restov for Oleg's Trading Post in the Greenbelt area of The Stolen Lands. Traveled with a merchant named Xenos Tobler.

10 Pharast
Arrived at Oleg's Trading Post. Learned about the bandits “collecting taxes” from Oleg, and that they stole Svetlana's wedding ring. Read postings about Bandits, Tatzlwyrms, Tuskgutter, and Kobolds.

11 Pharast
Set up from Oleg's to speak with Bokken, an “eccentric” hermit herbalist. He tells the group about the mites, and Old Sycamore, and asks them to bring him some fangberries. After traveling on from Bokken's, the party rests for the night and is attacked by mites and giant centipedes.

12 Pharast
Continue traveling towards the mites.

13 Pharast
Early in the day, Ilya Shukov receives a vision from Iomedae and announces he must leave at once for Mendev. He rides off. The group arrives late in the day at the mite lair located underneath the Old Sycamore. A large fight occurs here. Tam Hale is killed. Donk, Dra Tae'shak, Kthonos Shrikestone, Mikmek, Nerik, Sulna Koll, and Sunny join the group, some temporarily.

14 Pharast
Morning: Angus Skulkheim, Constance Superne, Dra Tae'shak, Erian, Gaelen, and Kthonos leave the group, heading for Oleg's. The remaining group heads south for the Sootscale kobolds to deliver Mikmek and the idol.
Early-afternoon: The group is assaulted by some archers, and a large wolf is spotted, but it leaves. Emerys Bogwhistle joins the group, a human boy in his early teens pressganged into banditry.
Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The group arrives at the Sootscale caverns, leaving their horses with Caelin and Donk a short walk away. Words are exchanged. The idol ends up broken. Chief Sootscale is actually a pretty cool little dude, until Donk arrives. Donk's arrival shuts down communication. Chief Sootscale returns to the caverns with Mikmek. K'tzhang “Healing Scales” joins the party. When the group returns to where they left Caelin and the horses, they see them all gone, apparently having been stolen by Caelin. Caelin O'hern has leaft the party.

15 Pharast
The party goes looking for some water to the bathe in, and find a nude half-drow. Belros Bellephor joins the party. As they are finishing gathering up their things in camp, Emerys freaks out over something under his feet. Everyone looks and sees a small “bump”, that shrinks down shortly after Emerys yells about it. The group continues on after Caelin.
Mid-to-late Afternoon: The party comes over a hill, and sees a valley where two rivers merge to the south, with a bridge crossing the spot where they merge. Across the valley, Sulna noticed a group of horses, with a rider on the back of one. Donk runs off after them, not understanding the distance issue. The group catches up to find Donk in the middle of the river, in the process of nearly drowning. Sunny jumps in and eventually manages to get him to the riverbank with the help of those still on shore, with a snake-like thing attached to his leg. A fight happens, with the creature being killed. Emerys is knocked out during the fight, and awakens with an overpowering urge to get to Oleg's. He runs off and the others follow him.

16 Pharast
Early Morning: The party is attacked. Three bandits die in the fight, two are captured. One is repentant, the other is executed by Polson and Nerik. The surviving bandit is a poor family man named Milosh, who turned to banditry as a way to provide for his family, who believes he is a merchant. The group decides to let Milosh work off his debt to society. Milosh joins the group.
Day: The group heads for Oleg's Trading Post.
Night: The group camps about a 6 miles east of the Thorn River. Nothing of note aside from the sounds of something small fluttering around outside the light of the campfire.

17 Pharast
The group continues on towards Oleg's.

18 Pharast
The group continues on towards Oleg's.

19 Pharast
The group continues on towards Oleg's. Late in the morning, the group arrives at Oleg's. They meet Kesten Garess and his men. Angus, Constance, Dra, Erian, and Gaelen offer to explore the Greenbelt region so Polson and the rest of the group can focus on dealing with more important issues.

20 Pharast
Xenos Tobler returns to Oleg's as the group is about to leave. Negotiations occur, and the group has new horses, owing Oleg for them on credit, with a 1% compounding monthly interest, but no interest for the first month. The group heads out along the road to Restov. They camp the night off the side of the road.

21 and 22 Pharast
The group travels due south from the road, strangely encountering nobody and nothing of note.

23 Pharast
The party finally arrives at Milosh's farm, finding it burnt out ruins. His wife is a fresh corpse, and there is no sign of his children. They find tracks leading to the WSW and hurry to find the children. They are attacked that night by an owlbear just before making camp.

24 Pharast
The group wakes at the first sign of dawn and sets out after the kidnappers again. A little after noon, the group finds the kidnappers have split ranks, part continuing WSW, the rest going WNW. They follow the WNW group. Late in the day, they group comes along a giant whiptail centipede. Donk befriends it and now has a mount of his own.

25-27 Pharast
The party continues after the kidnappers.

28 Pharast
As the group is getting ready to pack up camp, they are attacked by two massive wolves and a beastman of some kind. A bloody fight is followed by reviving unconscious party members. Instead of pursuing the kidnappers, they decide to rest up a day as the three attackers took nearly everything the party could dish out. Emerys falls unconscious. The group investigates. K'tzhang gets zapped back 20 ft. while checking Emerys. Eventually, Polson is contacted by “something” that tells him to leave something sweet, and then they'll heal Emerys. Wind blows leaves to cover the boy, and then blow away and the boy is gone. Emerys leaves the group.

29 Pharast
The group sets out to find the kidnappers. They find a bandit camp in a small bend on the Thorn River, which is mostly just a small creek at this point. A massive fight happens. Caelin and an elf with Belros' gear join the fight part way through, fighting on the side of the bandits. All but three bandits end up dead. One is Deacon, one is Rogors, the third's name isn't known by Deacon. Deacon gives them as much info about the Stag Lord and his fort as he knows, which isn't much more than it's an old fort to the south, near a lake.

30 Pharast
The group set out for Oleg's to drop off the prisoners with for Kesten to deal with. They camp the night just inside the edge of the Narlmarches.

31 Pharast
The group reaches Oleg's at midday, deliver the news of the scene at Milosh's farm. He tries to kill himself, but Sunny and Nerik are able to stop him. Kesten and his men deal with two of the bandits, letting Deacon live for the time.

GM Notes (players stay out):
28 Pharast: Sulna contracted lycanthropy. He'll become a weredirewolf on the next full moon.