Absalom's Finest (City Watch, Terry Pratchett style)

Game Master Wolfwaker

The deeds of Absalom's finest, policemen in a Terry Pratchett-inspired urban setting.

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Dramatis Personae

Everest, android slayer, er, an android who is a slayer that is
Oswyn Edgecombe, human slayer, um, same deal
Hazel Stokes, changeling inquisitor
Corvus Fracta'ala, strix bounty hunter

Frizell Foulis Farquharson, Feegle ranger (Now NPC)


Fey 2 => lowlight vision
Tiny 4 => +2 dex, -2 str, +2 AC, +2 attack, -2 CMB, -2 CMD, +8 stealth, 0 reach
Slow -1 => 20' move speed
Lang std 0 => common and sylvan
Greater Paragon 2 => +4 str, -2 dex, -2 cha
Advanced Con 4 => +2 con
Natural Attack Slam 1 => 1 slam attack d2 for tiny (head butting people)
Healthy 2 => +4 fort save vs poison and disease, including magical disease (he made a living in the sewers without getting sick)
Stubborn 2 => +2 save vs charm and compulsion
Total is 16 racial points and
str +2
con +2
cha -2


Commander Duncan Griff
Sgt. Chubb, an overweight officer
Sgt. Osku, muscled half-orc
Hidge, frail elderly pigeon keeper communications specialist

Nobles and Upper Class

Merchants and Middle Class
Old Man Spoons, proprietor of the Slice of He.... dive hotel.

Street People, Criminals, etc.
Robbie Fingers, a small nimble purveyor of information


The precinct is located in The Foreign Quarter

Other nearby districts:
Ascendant Court, home to the Starstone and the great Cathedrals
The Puddles, a flooded slum, home to the poorest citizens including some kobolds
The Coins, merchant district
The Docks, home of the docking industry and many rough characters
Westgate, mainly residential and shopping. Patrolled by the Sally Guard (Kortos Cavalry)

City Government:

This is Golarion canon info for Absalom's government. Within this game we will adapt things a little. I'm going to be doing this on the fly so don't take this as in-game canon yet. For now we are an independent unit of the guard. --Wolfwaker

The Ascendant Court (Religious center and home of the Starstone) is policed by the Greycloaks, a group of Golarion-style Atheists (realize the gods exist but don't worship them).
Operating out of the Azlanti Keep are the First Guard, elite soldiers and casters who seem to operate as a mash-up of army/CIA.

The Coins district, your typical dock-based slum, has the Token Guard. A group that only really investigate a crime when they are paid to look into it.

The Docks have the Harbor Guard who are more concerned with smuggling and merchant skullduggery than brawls as long as things don't get out of hand.

The Foreign Quarter does not have specific defenders listed on the wiki.

The Flotsam Graveyard, is not really a district so much as a massive aquatic hazard. The Starwatch Keep overlooks it but the Pilot's Guild are the only ones who know how to move through it safely.

Green Ridge is a small and lightly populated portion of the city, mostly composed of gardens and parks. It is home to the Watchtower, the tallest of Absalom's defenses and defended by the Eagle Garrison, the smallest unit of paid guards in the city.

Smaller than that is the Ivy District, home to the wealthy, aristocratic, and stylishly debauched. No listed guard for the area but violent crimes are rare. Prostitution and narcotics, however...

Moving on to the Merchant's Quarter, a specific district guard is yet again absent despite the crimes likely hidden in the city's business hub. No marketplaces here but plenty of offices and workshops.

The Petal District is likewise sans district guard but considering it is the home of the most powerful merchant families and those that provide their luxuries, I doubt they would stand for peasants trying to tell them what they can and cannot do. Power is as often secured with poison and blade as negotiation.

The Wise Quarter is home to the city government, hall of the Grand Council, Primarch Lord Gyr of House Gixx's residence, numerous magical and academic schools, and the Arcanamirium, the most prestigious arcane academy in Golarion.

Westgate is a primarily residential district patrolled by the Kortos Cavalry out of their headquarters in the Sally Gate. In this capacity, they are referred to as the Sally Guard. The Kortos Cavalry is known to be open in its membership to anyone with skill with lance and sword.

Eastgate, a residential district, is policed by the Post Guard a group known to train harder than the First Guard and often volunteer for suicide mission for the good of the city. The district has been made quiet and orderly since the captain of the Post Guard is also the nomarch of the district.

The Precipice Quarter was once Beldrin's Bluff, a quaint but wealthy district until an earthquake in 4698 AR sank the majority of it into the sea. No district guard has been assigned to this impoverished and fading neighborhood.

The Starwatch:
They operate through the city and not within specific jurisdictions like the district guards and answer directly to the Grand Council. However, the Starwatch Keep is actually outside the city walls and cannot enter without permission from the First Guard as part of an agreement to prevent them from becoming involved in a civil war that would threaten the city.

Asilia of Gyr is the Commander of Starwatch Keep and its forces, though she spends much time aboard her warship Hurricane Wings. She fiercely loyal to the Primach and served with him before his rise to power.

The town of Dawnfoot sprang up to house members of the Starwatch, their families, those that support them and Starwatch Keep.

Absalom City Government:
Such a large city must be organized accordingly, as such there are three tiers of governance in Absalom. The first are the District Councils, each headed by a nomarch. They hand the day-to-day affairs of their districts and command the district guards (if any). The nomarchs also sit on the next tier of government, the Low Council of the Grand Council.

The current nomarchs are:
Darabele Fairwind of the Flotsam Graveyard
Scion Lord Haimon Hueff of House Mercerene of Eastgate
Evigail of House Wycomb of Green Ridge
Jostlin Ferqyr of the Ivy District
Brythen Blood, the Petal District Satrap
Scion Lord Rogren Sphairo of House Menchemes of the Westgate district
Wynsal Starborn of the Azlanti Keep district and former Captain of the First Guard

The vassal cities of Absalom also have two seats on the Low Council filled by appointed representative.

There is also the High Council, composed solely of Primarch Gyr and Drendhet Salhar. The Grand Council can veto any decisions made by district councils and votes on matters of state, save for those determined to be Matters of Note which are handled by the High Council. Of course, exactly what entails a Matter of Note is decided solely by the High Council as well.

The Primarch of Absalom, Lord Gyr of House Gixx, has considerable power granted by his office. He can veto and political appointment and can call the High Council to meet, allowing him to essentially hold all local government hostage if he so chooses.

House Rules

HP max at first, average rounded up later. E.g. D8 becomes 5.

Starting wealth 1000 gp as normal. You can assume you are renting a place somewhere in the city. You may wear armor and use whatever weapons you like. You can use personal weapons and armor or check them out from the armory.

Classes (3pp)

Bounty Hunter:
I would reduce the sneak attack progression by half (in other words at 1st, 5th, 9th, etc.) but otherwise OK.


All characters will get one bonus skill at level 1 which must be used on a knowledge skill or diplomacy.

New skill: Knowledge-Criminal. Knowledge about the criminal underworld. Any class with Knowledge-Local as a class skill gets this as a class skill.

Kn. Nobility will include any knowledge about high society, people of influence, etc.

Kn. Local will be very useful for knowing where to find various goods, people, and pieces of information in the city. This will overlap with Geography a bit if you are trying to find a certain location.

Expect the Knowledge skills for criminal, local, and nobility to be used often. Of course all the others may come into play as well.

I will allow survival to be used in the urban context for knowing where to find things, stay safe, read crowds, pursue people, etc. This will overlap with other skills. If your class explicitly allows such use of survival, you will get a bonus.


House rules on races (not relevant unless we add new characters)
Aasimar: Either get a -2 to one stat or lose celestial resistances.

Centaurs: From Kobold Press:
+2 Str +2 Wis +2 Con -2 Int (My house rule would be pick two of those +2's)
Fast 40'
Darkvision 60'
Centaur Combat. Run as a bonus feat. Mounted combat but only as a prerequisite to other things.
Centaur Warrior: +2 to ride (not sure how this is used) and to charge attacks.
Skilled: +2 to heal and craft (bows)