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Zendross Zil'Doren's page

28 posts. Alias of Dark Netwerk.



About Zendross Zil'Doren

Male Drow Black-Blooded Oracle (Dark Tapestry) 1
LE humanoid (elf)

Init +3; Senses darkvision 120', perception +4

AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor +3 dex)
hp 9 (1d8 +1 Con)
Fort +1 (+0 base +1 con), Ref +3 (+0 base +3 dex), Will +3 (+2 base +1 wis)
Defensive Abilities drow immunities, spell resistance (7)

Spd 20/x4

Shortsword +2 1d6+2 19-20/x2 (P)
Longspear +2 1d8+3 x3 (P)

Offensive Abilities

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 16
Base Attack Bonus +0, CMB +2, CMD 15
Feats Drow Nobility
Traits Terrifying, Unnatural Presence
Languages Elven, Undercommon

Spells Known (DC 13 + spell level)
0th (4 | unlimited): detect poison, guidance, stabilize, sotto voce*
1st (3 | 4/d): cause fear*, divine favor, inflict light wounds
* = +1 DC

Spell-like Abilities
At will - detect magic
1/d - dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire, feather fall, levitate

Skill points: 6 (4 +0 INT +2 campaign)/lvl

Acrobatics -5 (0 +3 DEX -4 curse -4 ACP)
Appraise +0 (0 +0 INT)
Bluff +3 (0 +3 CHA)
Climb -2 (0 +2 STR -4 ACP)
Craft (alchemy) +4 (1 +0 INT +3 class)
Diplomacy +7 (1 +3 CHA +3 class)
Disguise +3 (0 +3 CHA +0 class)
Escape Artist -5 (0 +3 DEX -4 curse -4 ACP)
Fly -5 (0 +3 DEX -4 curse -4 ACP)
Heal +1 (0 +1 WIS +0 class)
Intimidate +8 (1 +3 CHA +3 class +1 trait)
Knowledge (planes) +4 (1 +0 INT +3 class)
Perception +4 (1 +1 WIS +2 race)
Perform +3 (0 +3 CHA)
Ride -5 (0 +3 DEX -4 curse -4 ACP)
Sense Motive +1 (0 +1 WIS +0 class)
Stealth -1 (1 +3 DEX +3 class -4 curse -4 ACP)
Survival +1 (0 +1 WIS)
Swim -2 (0 +2 STR -4 ACP)

Trained Only Skills (Untrained)
Disable Device []+[/] (0 + DEX -4 curse - ACP)
Handle Animal []+[/] (0 + CHA)
Knowledge (arcana) []+[/] (0 + INT +0 class)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) []+[/] (0 + INT)
Knowledge (engineering) []+[/] (0 + INT)
Knowledge (geography) []+[/] (0 + INT)
Knowledge (history) []+[/] (0 + INT +0 class)
Knowledge (local) []+[/] (0 + INT)
Knowledge (nature) []+[/] (0 + INT)
Knowledge (nobility) []+[/] (0 + INT)
Knowledge (religion) []+[/] (0 + INT +0 class)
Linguistics []+[/] (0 + INT)
Profession () []+[/] (0 + WIS +0 class)
Sleight of Hand []+[/] (0 + DEX -4 curse - ACP)
Spellcraft []+[/] (0 + INT +0 class)
Use Magic Device []+[/] (0 + CHA)


Encumbrance # lbs (58 lbs=light; 116 lbs=medium; 175 lbs=heavy)

_wt_ item

2.0 lbs (15 gp) Weapons
_2.0 Shortsword (10 gp)
_9.0 Longspear (5 gp)

30.0 lbs (50 gp) Clothing and Armor
30.0 Scale Mail (50 gp)
__._ Outfit

0 lbs (0 gp) Other Gear

Cash 40 gp

Feat descriptions:

Your blood courses with power, granting you greater spell-like abilities.
Prerequisites: Able to use drow spell-like abilities, drow.
Benefit: You may use detect magic as a spell-like ability at will, and add feather fall and levitate to the spell-like abilities that you may use once each per day. Your caster level is equal to your character level.

Trait descriptions:

There is something about your words and mannerisms that strike fear into all who meet you.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Intimidate skill checks and a +1 save DC to any spell with the fear descriptor.

Your prolonged association with alien forces leaks from your pores. You can use your Intimidate skill to demoralize animals and vermin; Intimidate is a class skill for you.

Class Abilities:

All black-blooded oracles effectively share the same curse—the curse of black blood. The material affects these oracles physically and mentally, altering both physiology and mystic powers. The blood of a black-blooded oracle actually runs black, and wounds she suffers are infected by her own power and are difficult to heal.
Effect: He is immune to the effects (both beneficial and destructive) of black blood. Positive and negative energy affect a black-blooded oracle as if he were undead— positive energy harms him, while negative energy heals him (this aspect of the curse has no effect if the oracle is undead). The curse also dulls the oracle’s coordination somewhat, imparting a –4 penalty on all Dexterity-based skill checks. At 5th level, he gains cold resistance 5. This increases to cold resistance 10 at 10th level, and immunity to cold at 15th level. This ability replaces the oracle’s curse.

Each oracle draws upon a divine mystery to grant her spells and powers. This mystery also grants additional class skills and other special abilities. This mystery can represent a devotion to one ideal, prayers to deities that support the concept, or a natural calling to champion a cause. For example, an oracle with the waves mystery might have been born at sea and found a natural calling to worship the gods of the oceans, rivers, and lakes, be they benign or malevolent. Regardless of its source, the mystery manifests in a number of ways as the oracle gains levels. An oracle must pick one mystery upon taking her first level of oracle. Once made, this choice cannot be changed.
Class Skills An oracle with the dark tapestry mystery adds Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), and Stealth to his list of class skills.
Bonus Spells entropic shield (2nd), dust of twilight (4th), tongues (6th), black tentacles (8th), feeblemind (10th), planar binding (12th), insanity (14th), reverse gravity (16th), interplanetary teleport (18th).
Revelations (DC 13)
At 1st level, 3rd level, and every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and so on), an oracle uncovers a new secret about her mystery that grants her powers and abilities. The oracle must select a revelation from the list of revelations available to her mystery (see FAQ at right). If a revelation is chosen at a later level, the oracle gains all of the abilities and bonuses granted by that revelation based on her current level. Unless otherwise noted, activating the power of a revelation is a standard action.
Unless otherwise noted, the DC to save against these revelations is equal to 10 + 1/2 the oracle’s level + the oracle’s Charisma modifier.

Race Abilities:

Drow are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Drow gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Drow are skilled in the use of poisons and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves.

Drow can cast dancing lights, darkness, and faerie fire, once each per day, using their total character level as caster level.

Drow possess spell resistance (SR) equal to 6 plus their total number of class levels.

Drow have superior darkvision, allowing them to see perfectly in the dark up to 120 feet.

Drow are proficient with the hand crossbow, rapier, and shortsword.

As deep underground dwellers naturally, drow suffer from light blindness. Abrupt exposure to any bright light blinds drow for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.


Zendross is a completely hairless drow, the Black Blood having caused it to fall out and never grow back. There seems to be a gleam of madness in his eyes, perhaps from his visions of the Dark Tapestry.


Zendross is a devout diabolist, knowing his abilities come from the infernal host, and likely Barbatos, Lord of the First. Although his contact with the Dark Tapestry has given him an air of madness, he is actually quite sane.


Zendross was born to the Zil'Doren family, the blood of nobility flowed through his veins. Of course that also meant familial conflict as they jockeyed for a better position over the others. Unfortunately for Zendross, his sister got the better of him and, through her machinations, he ended up on an expedition deeper into the Darklands as a representative of the family. The trip was not the end of her plan, however. Once they had breached the caverns of Orv, one of his 'bodyguards' stabbed him and tossed him into a nearby pit of Black Blood. The bodyguard was quickly slain by the others, any connection to his sister had been erased.

The assassination attempt had failed however as, somehow, Zendross had survived. He was changed by the Black Blood, but something else was seen in his eyes, a barely repressed madness before he fell unconscious. The expedition returned, due to Zendross' injury as he was still comatose, muttering about Barbatos, Asmodeus and the denizens of Hell. Although his sister's plan had not come to it's ultimate goal, the changes wrought in him through the blood or through some Hellish influence had changed him in more than appearance. He began to publicly align himself with the dictates of Hell and an Asmodean cult that had been forming. This was sufficient evidence such that, when the cult was exiled, Zendross was forced to join them, cast out from the family.

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