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Sir Rekkart Cole

Teyran Rilskel's page

212 posts. Alias of wolfman1911.

Full Name

Teyran Rilskel


Aasimar (Angel Blooded)


Paladin level 3




5'5" 150lbs




Lawful Good






Common, Celestial, Dwarven

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Teyran Rilskel

The painting on Teyran's armor:

This image is painted on Teyran's armor, and he will duplicate it should he upgrade.

The painted figure was striking, in no small part because it seems to depict an individual caught somewhere between a woman and a child. Her face was at an angle, as though she was looking at something to the right of the painter. She had short hair, only long enough to touch her shoulder; it was the color of smouldering logs after the fire has gone out. Her hair was braided, two large ones on either side of her face, in front of her sharply pointed ears, several smaller braids fell in the back, including two longer ones that rested on her shoulders. On the top, errant locks went here and there, one threatened to obscure her eye. She looked very elven, perhaps the most obvious signs otherwise were the small, almost imperceptable points of horns on her forehead. She could have easily brushed her hair forward and they would have been hidden, but she instead displayed her devilish heritage, perhaps daring action from the viewer.

The girl's face was shaped like an inverted triangle, with a strong jawline that met in a point at her chin. Her eyebrows were thin and seemingly arched in concern. Contributing most to her childlike appearance were her large amber colored eyes. Her cheeks were oddly lined, as though they were developing reptillian scales, on the cheek facing toward the viewer was the angelic figure of the Everlight, Sarenrae's holy symbol. Her lips only added to the confusion over her age, they were full, though her mouth was small.

The painting revealed her mostly bare shoulder before cutting off, though it was covered by a leather strap. Her skin is pale and smooth, seemingly possessed of the texture of porcelain, and the softness of silk. A hand is visible, tugging at one of her longer braids. Her fingers seem to have that same odd, scaley pattern, though they are tipped with short claws rather than nails.

Combat Stats:

Perception +4
Initiative +1

-Fortitude +8 (+3 class +3 divine grace, +2 con)
-Reflex +5 (+3 divine grace +1 dex)
-Will +6 (+3 divine grace +3 class)

AC/Flatfoot AC 16/15
Touch AC 11

CMB +5
CMD 16

Hit Points: 16/28
BAB +3
Attack bonus: +8
Power Attack: +5
Ranged Attack Bonus: +3
Damage +4 (+2 more for using it two handed)
Power Attack: +6 (+2)
Ranged Damage +2
Speed 30/20


4 ranks per level

Diplomacy +9 (3 ranks +3class +3cha)
Knowledge (Religion) +6 (2 rank +3class +1int)
Perception +6 (3 ranks +3class)
Sense Motive +6 (3 ranks +3class)

Feats and Racial Abilities:

Noble Born (Garess): Ignore movement penalty for first five feet of
rocky ground per round, +2 to appraise to assess the value of natural
stones or metals.
Adopted: Militant Merchant: +1 to perception checks to determine
surprise, perception becomes a class skill.

Race Abilities:
Native Outsider
Darkvision 60ft
Skilled: +2 on Heal and Knowledge (Planes)
Spell Like Ability: Use Alter Self once per day
Celestial Resistance: Resistance 5 against Acid, Cold and Electricity

Class Abilities:
Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil: select a target, then add Cha bonus to attack rolls and paladin level to damage rolls
Divine Grace: Charisma bonus to all saving throws
Lay on Hands: heal 1d6 damage four times a day
aura of courage: immunity to fear, each ally within 10 feet gains +4 morale bonus on saving throws vs fear
divine health: Immunity to disease
mercy: can use lay on hands to heal fatigue, shaken or sickened, as well as health

Power Attack
Weapon Focus (Greatsword)


Greatsword 50gp 2d6 19-20/x2 8lbs S
Light Crossbow 35gp 1d8 19-20/x2 80ft 4lbs P


Scale Mail 50gp +5AC +3Dex -4Armor check 25% 20ft 30lbs


Current carry weight is 38lbs
Gold 51

30 bolts

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