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Darktower Zhaorae's page

40 posts. Alias of Orthos.

Full Name

Darktower Zhaorae




Crusader 1/Paladin 2







Special Abilities

Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Divine Grace, Furious Counterstrike, Illumian Word Hoonvaul, Lay on Hands, Maneuvers, Power Sigils Vaul, Hoon, Smite Evil, Steely Resolve


Lawful Good


Wee Jas


Diamond Lake


Celestial, Common, Illumian, Infernal


Bodyguard, Militia Member, Adventurer, Knight, Very Bad Cook

Homepage URL

The Sable Ledger (Age of Worms PC Journal)

Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 7
Charisma 15

About Darktower Zhaorae

RACE/SEX: Female Illumian
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 178 lbs.

Zhaorae is a young woman who looks every bit the knight she is. A simple grey circlet holds her long, dark red hair out of her face and out of the way during combat, framing dark brown eyes under long, narrow brows. Her face is round and her skin marred only by minor scars, only one of which crosses her face - a slash starting below her right eye and stretching to just below her ear.

She wears simple grey chain, unimpressive in appearance, hardly the "shining armor" many people associate with paladins. Her weapons are also nonstandard: rather than the expected longsword or greatsword, Zhaorae tends toward flails, carrying two on her person - one standard heavy flail and a second with a wicked blade in place of the normal blunt, heavy head. A brown traveling cloak is thrown haphazardly over her shoulders, with the flaming skull emblem of the Ruby Goddess set at the neck clasp; a matching holy symbol hangs from a chain at Zhaorae's neck.

Normally she keeps her sigils hidden, due to many years of living among humans and needing to keep her cabal's existence secret; when she does reveal them, they are a dark brooding red.

A member of a Vengeance Cabal whose hidden stronghold is located somewhere on the Astral Plane, Zhaorae has been sent out into the world along with her friends and companions Ashlea and Vashrellehn to test their wits and gain experience outside the cabal walls. The only city within walking distance from where they were dropped on the Material Plane is the pitiful wayside mining village of Diamond Lake, and severed from the cabal's resources Zhaorae, Vashrellehn, and Ashlea have no way to travel farther until they manage to put together the funds on their own.

During her time in Diamond Lake Zhaorae has associated herself with the church of Wee Jas there and their Cult of the Green Lady; she has also worked as a guard, militia member, and worker where her oaths as a Crusader allow. Her current short-term goal is to manage the means to escape Diamond Lake and move on with her travels; her long-term goal for the moment is to gain the Ruby Goddess's blessing as a Paladin, and to one day join the Ruby Knight Vindicators.

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