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Tora no Senaka - The Back of the Tiger (Inactive)

Game Master Dreaming Warforged

Trouble with Goblins can lead to a lot of places, even the other side of the world...
Jade Regent AP, now in volume 3 - The Hungry Storm

As a goblin threat is dealt with, an old secret is exposed and a close friend discovers she is meant to rule the empire of Minkai, one of the ancient Dragon Empires of Tian Xia.

Claiming her birthright promises to be no small feat though, as the throne is already held by a powerful foe, the Jade Regent, but first she needs to get there, and for that alone will need the help of friends and allies, for she must cross from Varisia to Tian Xia, across the very Crown of the World.

Map of Kalsgard

Map of Varisia

Map of Sandpoint Hinterlands

Caravan Roster
Sandru - Driver of the covered wagon
Bevelek - Driver of the Fortune-teller wagon
Vankor - Driver of the supply wagon
Koya - Fortune-teller
Shalelu - Guide
Ameiko - Cook
Sorin - Guard
Pavel - Scout
Izumi - Guard
Raith - Wainwright
Garand - Healer
Kazuko no Hogo, Protector of the Family - Intelligent magic sword, heirloom of the Amatatsu
-Known Powers: +2 Defending Katana; Alignment NG; Ego 25; Senses 60 ft., darkvision, detect Amatatsu scions, read languages; Int 12; Wis 16, Cha 13; Communication speech, telepathyl Languages Common, Tien; Powers Constant—endure elements; 3/day—air walk, daylight, resist energy (cold), see invisibility; Grants every ally of the Amatatsu Endure elements for the day, temperature below or above are alway treated as one less for the recipient.

Unclaimed Loot:

9 wakizachis (masterwork)
5 daggers
5 blowguns
5 leather armours
5 suits of black silk of great quality and craftsmanship, absorbing light somewhat.
5 silken ropes
5 climbing kit.
5 potions (Disguise Self)
14 vials of a sticky blue liquid
4 vials of a dark brown sap-like liquid.
Battleaxe (masterwork)
Heavy Wooden Shield (masterwork)
Cloak of resistance +1

Claimed Loot:

Kelda's Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (25 charges) (Garand)
Orbakhag's +1 cold iron morningstar (Pavel)
+1 light fortification light steel shield bearing the image of Castle Brinewall (Izumi)
a pearl of power (1st level) (Garand)
Kikonu's +1 chicken saber (Raith)
6 MWK shuriken (Raith)
Potion 7 = Cure Moderate Wounds (Raith)
Potion 8 = Lesser Restoration (Raith)
MWK composite shortbow (Izumi)
4 arrows (Izumi)
Magic Wakizachi +1 (Tsutamu's Whispering Shrike) (Pavel)
Potion 1 = Identify (Sorin)
Potion 6 = Cure Moderate Wounds (Pavel)
Potion 9 = Lesser Restoration (Pavel)
Wand = Cure Light Wounds (19 charges) (Garand)
Scroll = Cure Moderate Wounds (Garand)
Scroll = Cure Moderate Wounds (Garand)
Scroll = Cure Moderate Wounds (Garand)
Scroll = Dispel Magic (Garand)
Scroll = Remove Disease (Garand)
Scroll = Restoration (Garand)
Phylactery of Faithfulness (Garand)
Wand = Inflict Moderate Wounds (12 charges) (Garand)
Four +2 evil outsider bane arrows (Pavel and Izumi)
Potion 4 = Cure Moderate Wounds (Raith)
Potion 5 = Cure Moderate Wounds (Izumi)
Potion 10 = Lesser Restoration (Izumi)
Kikonu's mwk katana (Raith)
20 +1 flaming arrows (Izumi (7), Garand (7) and Pavel (6))
a wayfinder (Sorin)

Sold and Distributed Loot:

MWK chainshirt, small (125 GP)
Minkai chest (150 GP)
330 sp
112 gp
16 goblin ears (160 gp)
Head of Gutwad (300 gp)
Hairpin with red pearl (150 gp)
Gold and ivory fan with crude map (80 gp)
Potion 2 = Identify (25 gp)
Potion 3 = Identify 25 gp)
Ring = Climbing (1250 gp)
jewelry worth 560 gp total
Masterwork broken chainmail (Tsutamu's) (150 gp)
Chain Shirt = Masterwork only (125 gp)
2938 gp
Rokuro Kaijutsu's composite longbow +1 (Ameiko, 2250 gp)
Rokuro Kaijutsu's katana +1 (Ameiko 2250 gp)
Rokuro Kaijutsu's Do-Maru armor +2. (Ameiko, 4500 gp)
(All bear the symbol of a fox dancing with a crane near a mountain, with a tiger hiding behind a tree.)
Half-plate armor
Masterwork light steel shield
Kikonu's jewelry (1000 gp)
1,320 gp
800 gp in jewelry and gems
2 alchemist fire flasks (50)
Kikonu's +1 leather armor (1010)
+1 returning warhammer (8000)
a ring of the ram (10 charges) (1720)

Regarding the Katana and Wakizachi:

Katana (100 gp) (martial, two-handed): 1d8 18-20
Wakizachi (70 gp) (martial, one-handed): 1d6 18-20
Feat: Daisho (long-short) proficiency: you can wield both the katana and the wakizachi as though they are one size category lighter.

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