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The Sounds of War (Inactive)

Game Master Arcmagik

A campaign that is heavily influenced by Kingmaker; yet nothing will be as you expect...

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On the south eastern border of Brevoy the tall spires of the Free City of Restov rises from the Rostland Plains. It is a shining jewel of civilization known as a capital of trade and knowledge, a major access point to the Brevic south, and a city that believes in every man's freedom. The tall spires of the city not only boasts the Restovic University, dedicated to research of all kinds, but the Aldori Academy of Blades, the best martial school in the region.

To the north of the city, the Rostland Plains are farmed, a breadbasket for the entire region. East lies the foothills of the Icerime peaks, rolling and gentle near the city, but turning steep and craggy. To the south Restov is edged by the Shrike, a wide and slow river once used for trade with other countries but now plagued by river pirates and bandits. South of the shrike lies the largely disputed but mostly unsettled land oftern referred to as the Stolen Lands. West of the Free City lies more farmland and light forest, quickly deepening into untamed wilderness.

With the rumors of the growing discontent in the north, the Swordlords of Restov walk a delicate line. Now the city is filled over capacity, as the city becomes packed with guests, travelers, entertainers, opportunists, and undesirables for the betrothal ceremony between the Lord Mayor, Ioseph Sellemius, and the Lady Alexis Orlovsky.

While many people are forced to find accommodations outside of the city, each of you got lucky and found a room at the Gnarly Hobbit, a modest inn ran by a family of halflings and one of the last inns with room. The proprietor of the inn and family patriarch, Bingo Guessford, makes sure the inn is well-cleaned while providing each guest with a hearty breakfast, a mid-day snack of honeyed sweets, and a modest dinner all for a reasonable rate of five silver a night.

Male Human Pistolero 1

BGM - Theme of House Morrison

Harcos wanted to get over with the whole ceremony quickly. Not that he had anything against the wedding or the people involved, he just didn't feel like fitting into the role of representing the Morrison family at the wedding properly. He also worried about the possible reactions to his presence, how strange it would be if the ceremony is postponed due to his "aura" that made so many feel unease in his presence.

He was reading the latest issue of Restov Daily, more specifically skimming past the front page about the wedding, and avoiding the daily news Harcos was reading the article of Clockwork Weekly.

Harcos tried one of the honeyed sweets but they were to sticky for him, so he just sipped some water as he read the article from his cup. There were many new interesting inventions and ideas in the article, he was especially interested in the idea about making guns able to shoot quicker and thus more often, or the experimental engine of a dwarf that is able to use steam as energy.

He finished reading the article, he placed the Restov Daily beside, the newest issue of the newspaper his family owned was still fresh and "crispy", as Harcos took it from the print before he left for the city. He looked around in the inn, and ordered a glass of red wine. He didn't recall the name of any of the other guests he saw, so he took out "Ocean Torrent" and began to clean it after a moment of just looking at the great gun. He started with wiping the dust off his family crest on the gun, the Coat of Arms with the supporting fox and wolf sparkled in the light.


Your adopted father and you arrived in Restov later then you had intended. The city had become packed and the inn where you typically stay had filled up. The good news was that you found a place at the Gnarly Hobbit, but the day got progressive worse. The stall that Donnovon typically sold from near the fringes of the marketplace had been rented to another merchant, which forced you down into the make-shift markets lining the streets heading into the city square where the betrothal would take place. The morning was business was brisk, but a few hours into the day the guards began to force people away as they lined the streets. To the south you could see people packed shoulder to shoulder as they push into the city square, but here all you see are the backs of guards. Many of the merchants have already packed up their wares and left in disgust. All in all, business was not going so well today.

[ b]”Maybe you should head back to the inn. It doesn't seem like it will go well today. I will just stay until the end of the day, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.”[/b] Donnovan said as he eyed the guards.


You are not the people person of the family, but everyone else in the family was busy. Your father required a presence at such a grand ceremony. Lord Morrison was an ambition man and wanted to become more deeply involved with the Brevic government. ”Don't talk to anyone, don't piss them off, just let them know we are there. Make a big show of it.” were his words.

You found suitable lodging at the Gnarly Hobbit, and have draped the house banner from your window seal. While the streets are crowded, you have no problem moving through them from horseback as people tend to get out of the way. You were given the invitation by your father to present yourself to the Office of the Lord Mayor so that you may join the guest procession to the ceremony.


You came to Restov to look for a cause, something worth dying for before you went to your maker, but all you found was unsatisfying guard duty. The noble guests began to arrive, and you were told that you would be assigned to one of them as bodyguard. She had requested a man of virtue in order to protect her person, and so that no one could make lewd suggestions about her person.

”Your charge has arrived.” The boy told you, atleast that is how you viewed him, a boy that demanded the respect of a man that hasn't proven himself fit for his position. ”You are to do as she asks and stay with her at all times. The Lord Mayor does not want any mistakes that could set off this powder keg. You are being assigned to the Lord Regent's sister, Natala Surtova. Show the proper respect and do your job like your life depends on it.”

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos finished the maintenance of his guns and also with the glass of wine. He folded the newspaper and with it under his arm went upstairs to his room. He prepared for the visit to the Lord Mayor's office. Thankfully he was a practical man, and his armored linen and silken suit was proper enough for wearing at any time, even wedding ceremonies.

Harcos went to the stall that he rented out for his stay and mounted his horse Snow. He felt no unease or hesitation from the white steed, Harcos had no bad effect on animals as he did on humans, Snow wasn't even worried over the foxes or wolves that appeared so often around the Morrison estate, and going through a city didn't seem to bother it either.

Riding through the streets at a slow pace, Harcos silently considered how likely it would be that even without a horse due to his presence people would split before Harcos to let him pass. Or more correctly, to avoid him. He stopped at a flower shop, and on a quick idea bought a white rose. Harcos took the flower and fastened it on his chest, maybe it will have some positive effect on his appearance.

After half a hour or so he was before the office.


You could have gone far, but you had been shut out of every major inn that Restov had until you found the out of the way, but modest Gnarly Hobbit. You struck a deal with the proprietor for food and lodging to perform two shows every day that you plan on staying, one in the morning and one in the evening. Bingo is happy with your performance and you even managed to earn a few gold.

You were invited to present yourself to the Office of the Lord Mayor after a street performance at noon today. You are to join some other bards in playing during the procession to the betrothal ceremony. If your performance is good, then you may be invited to the reception afterwards.
+4 GP


None of the major inns would due because you were likely to run into your family or someone associated with them. You chose the Gnarly Hobbit which was a quaint inn and surprisingly offered the hospitality of a much nicer establishment. There were several other guests since most the inns were full in the city. You have managed to avoid most the people from your former life but you haven't been able to find anything meaningful while doing so.

Then you must have crossed paths with someone from your other life... ”Antha? The voice seemed familiar but you didn't recognize the man that your turned too. He was younger man, probably a few years older then you. He had long black hair, and a playful smile on his face as he spoke, ”It is you!


You have been working with the Church in Restov to help maintain the influx of followers that visit the temple. The Church found lodging for you at the Gnarly Hobbit while you are helping them. You have heard that Ioseph Sellemius while not a man of faith, did want to please his betrothal who was a follower of Sarenrae. He was coming to call on the Church for someone to officiate the ceremony.

Your mood did not improve though when you quickly realized as the nobles began to arrive that your father, and his 'real' family as they called themselves was likely in the city. You were distracted as you moved through the temple and you didn't see the young woman until she spoke, ”Excuse me... sir. I need some help.” She said a bit timidly.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha sighed tiredly as she returned to the Gnarly Hobbit from yet another fruitless search for... something. Anything! that grabbed her attention and held interest. Nothing to do with her family, though that wasn't as large a concern as it once had been: the glee on their face when they expelled her from the manor spoke volumes to their true feelings towards her.

Not that I helped, over the years, but what's done is done. At least I haven't encountered anyone from the old crew, either, praise the gods!

As soon as that thought had been completed, she heard her name called. Her heart sank in recognition of that voice. Curiously, however, she didn't recognize the face behind it.

"I recognize your voice, but not your face. Who are you? You clearly know who I am. Was, rather."


”Was? That sounds ominous. I am not surprised you don't recognize me. We were just kids when I was a guest of your family.”

He gave another simple smile before proceeding when you don't immediately recall, ”I am not the same kid that I was. Kesten Garess, though I am far removed from my father here and happier for it.”

Kesten Garess is the son of Evan Garess, cousin to Lord Howlan Garess, and was a guest of your family at a young age for a summer. Probably an early attempt by your grandfather to get an arranged marriage for you secured. You never saw him again after that summer. You can define your relationship with him.

"Yes Poppa." Grendolynn says to Donnovan before beginning the long walk back to the Gnarly Hobbit. With so many people present in the city she is acutely uncomfortable and zips the high collar of her cloak all the way up. Between that and the low wide brimmed hat she wears, it is difficult to tell that she's a hobgoblin. She studiously avoids bumping into people, even though this slows her pace to a crawl. By the time she makes it back to the inn, she is feeling so stressed that she heads straight for the bar. "Excuse me, could I please have a double whiskey?" she asks the barkeep. Never seen so many people in one place before. So loud, so smelly! Hope this is over with soon, don't know how long I can handle it.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos looks around, and goes to ask a guard if the Lord Mayor is in the office right now.


”No, but his attendant is here. He is very busy with arrangements and has orders not to be disturbed.” The guard eyed you in a dismissive fashion. Someone else approached he turned away from you to speak with them. He took a message from them, glanced at it, and then proceeded to let them in. He noticed you were still there, ”Did you need something else?”


Bingo looks you straight in the face and startles for a moment. The fleeting eyes of someone looking for something to defend himself, then he calms down a moment later when it dawns on him that you are a paid customer. ”Of... of course. Sorry about that. Quite frightening, I mean, quite a day out there isn't it?” He goes about getting the double whiskey for you.

Male Human Pistolero 1

"No, the attendant will do." Harcos nods at him then goes in to seek out this attendant so he can "present himself" to the Office of the Lord Mayor and get the paperwork about being a guest done with.


The guard stops you from entering, ”I am sorry if I didn't make myself clear. Do not disturb means I have to keep you out here. I don't want no trouble so move along.”

Male Human Pistolero 1

He looks at the guard with a raised eyebrow, then silently takes out the letter and shows the seal on it. "I need to get the paperwork done, I am a guest for the wedding. Keeping me out means trouble for the both of us." He tries to look calm and friendly, but in truth to observers he seems adamant and threatening.

Should I also use spoiler tags?


I am using them to keep information cleaner so everyone doesn't have to read everything that doesn't pertain to their character. You are not required to use them.

The guard takes the letter and eyes you for a moment. He shifts position so that his sword-hilt is forward for the draw if things get messy. He is obviously expecting trouble from you. ”I am going to need to get this verified. He waves another guard over, and hands the letter to him. ”Take this to Master Janus for me while I keep an eye on our 'guest'. It was the way he implied the word 'guest' with a negative overture, as if you were a trouble-maker.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos sighs at the reaction. "Fine take it, but this requires my presence to be properly registered." He pats his revolver on his left after he hands the letter over to lose some stress and regain patience and composure. Of course, to the guard this simple act looked different once again thanks to the feeling he got from Harcos.

Yeah, he sends out all kind of wrong signals. =)

Before answering him, she slams down the glass in one gulp. "What a perfect word for it. I'm not used to crowds myself, makes me nervous." The burning alcoholic sensation in her throat only makes her more uncomfortable. This isn't working, must need more. "I'll have another please, sir." she says.

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Standing and dealing with the morning ablutions, Erostil briefly ponders the life that has led him to this place. The talent with music right the way through from childhood, something that his thrice damned father had given him. The relentless drive to succeed, something from his mother as she knew the difficulties that he would face. He had hated that his blood heritage could decide so much, but he had eventually gone far.

Taking care of the morning performance 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16 he soon goes and after accepting the invitation to the show off his skills, makes his way in that directions. If he were to get the job as entertainment at the wedding, then the doors were open for almost unlimited advancement. Who knew where he might end up.

What immediately struck him however was the sense of excitement and life pulsing through the city with the imminent celebrations. It filled the whole place with an energy that he only hoped he could do justice to.

The crush of people throughout the city made for hard going, but eventually Erostil gets to where he intended and makes his presence known to an official.

Returning to the Gnarly Hobbit after his work at the church, Arasmes spots one of his father's 'real' family amongst a procession moving through the crowds. Keeping his head down, he slips into the inn. Of course, they would be here. Such 'nobility' is bound to converge on this event. Still, I shouldn't have too many encounters with them. Sarenae's following here is relatively small, and I certainly doubt they would have anything to do with it, he thought, unless they want to follow the 'trend' set by Lady Orlovsky.

Arasmes gives a start when the young woman speaks. "My apologies, milady, my mind was elsewhere. How may I help you? he asks as he turns to look at her.

Note. I likely won't be able to post 'till Tuesday. Very busy on this long weekend.

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran nodded, glad that he was able to control his impulse to roll his eyes. These people heard the words 'paladin' and 'Sarenrae' and had very specific expectations in mind as to what they would be getting, and Teyran felt no compulsion to educate this whelp otherwise. "I understand the procedure, sir," The word 'sir' was pronounced with a subtle scorn, Teyran was certain that the boy wouldn't notice. In truth, he was surprised that the boy hadn't taken issue with his armor. Surely the sight of a Paladin wearing armor that was painted with the image of what was clearly a tiefling woman would raise eyebrows, to say the least. He decided to make certain that there were no misunderstandings about what he was to do, though.

"But just so we are clear, the procedure is that I am a bodyguard. My job is to ensure that Lady Surtova remains unharmed and unharrased. I will be at her side at all times, and I will be on watch at all times. I will do as she asks to the degree that I can, but she will not die today because she asked me to fetch her a glass of wine, sir" He watched the boy, wondering how he would take that, and if the young man had truly believed that he was briefing another servant, as he seemed to.

A description of the painting on his armor has been added to my profile, as well as a link to the picture I described.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha was always looking for attention and approval, however she could get it. I envision her living her childhood as a tomboy, more interested in climbing trees and exploring the forest than lessons on the history of Brevoy.

"Oh, Kesten! Yes, of course I remember, though it seems a lifetime ago. How's your leg? I was so sorry when you fell out of that tree and broke it, and then you had to leave."

Harcos and Erostil:

Erostil finds his way to the office of the Lord Mayor but he stumbles into a mess in the antechamber when he enters. A rather disturbing looking man with a seemingly aura of violent around him reaches down threatening to one of his sidearms while speaking to the door guard. It has the expected response as the door guard takes a step back and goes for his sword hilt. “To Arms!” He shouts to bring the other guards to attention. The sounds of armored men springing into action and the sound of weapons being draw fill the antechamber.


”I doubt that crowds are used to you, no offense.” The elder halfling says as he pours another drink for you. ”This stuff won't really make it better, you know.” He pushes the drink towards you. ”I must say that you do seem peculiar for one of your kind. There is a story, I gather?”

Bingo seems more at ease now and as friendly as any host seeking to entertain his guests.


This is happening at the temple of Sarenrae, not the Gnarly Hobbit.

The woman was veiled, but even through the veil you could make out her beauty. She was young, maybe just an adult, and she appeared timid as well. ”I am... no... better not to say. I am having a crisis of faith. I do not know what the Goddess wants me too, and I am conflicted. I am suppose to do something, but I do not know if I can do through with it. And I...” She begins to sob softly at that point.


”If she makes demands of you then you find away to complete them while keeping her secure. I am sure the estate will have plenty of servants abound to carry fulfill her wishes.” He turns away to go prepare others for their duties, but turns back. It was at that moment that the event you knew was coming happened, “Keep that displayed. To know that you are so vigilant against the forces of evil should put the Lord Regent's sister at ease. Report to the North Gate to await her arrival.” He turned and hustled off like man with other business.


Kesten laughs, and it seems a grand thing. ”Yes, though that wasn't the last of my mishaps.” For a brief moment a sad smile crosses his face. ”It was many lifetimes ago.” He said in a somber tone as he stared at nothing for a moment then the wild smile returned as he looked back at you. ”What brings you to Restov? Family in for the ceremony?” It seemed that Kesten had not heard about your exile from the family yet.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos looks around and behind him surprised and confused from the event, awaiting that some enemy is charging at them behind him, but he sees no one there. "What? Where?"

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha returns Kesten's smile in sympathetic understanding. "Many mishaps, lifetimes ago? It seems neither of us have lived up to the demands placed upon us."

At the mention of her family, Antha's face hardens slightly and her eyes glint in... triumph, sorrow, hope? "For myself, my... mishaps, did not end with your stay. My family and I have at last come to a final parting. 'Scapegrace', they called me, as they pushed me out and locked the door behind me."

"Regardless, I am here in Restov for... something. Seeking my destiny, perhaps, to turn a bard's phrase. What of yourself? The Gnarly Hobbit seems an unusual place for a Garess," she asked, almost teasingly. "It's one of the reasons I chose to come here, after all!"

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Erostil notices the man and the guards overreaction surprised him. Whilst the threatening man had pointed to his weapon, he hadn't drawn it, and so it seemed to be overly zealous to call the rest of the guards over.

My friend, I am sure this is just a misunderstanding. In these times, with the tensions and the bandits on the roads, surely it is a common occurrence to find someone with a weapon on them? I am sure the man meant nothing by his statement.

His body language placating, hands out in the open, Erostil seeks to calm down the guard and make light of the situation.

Harcos and Erostil:

Just as Harcos manages to get his words out the guard's sword clears the sheath and is leveled at Harcos. ”Submit yourself to the authority of Restov! You are under arrest for the attempted intimidation of a Restovic official!” The guard tries to speak as firmly as possible, but is jittery from the commotion.

Erostil appears near Harcos attempting to calm the situation.

Diplomacy: 12 (See OOC Thread)

”This man has been menacing since his arrive, attempted to gain access to the Lord Mayor, and now has threatened an official of the city with his sidearm.” He does not lower his sword from Harcos as several other guards begin to arrive. They move to ring Harcos and Erostil...


”I must admit I thought I glanced you from afar and followed here. I didn't get close enough until the crowd thinned out.” He flashes another smile, there is a bit of a flirtatious nature to it. ”Actually, I am the farthest thing from a Garess there is here. My father disowned me a few years ago, I found myself out on the streets and found my way here much like yourself.” That sad smile again flashes across his face but his attention doesn't not stray, ”But now I couldn't be happier. Restov is truly a city of freedom, and I have changed my fortunes considerably in the last few years.”

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Dimplomacy roll

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Sir, I am sure this has simply been a misunderstanding. My friend here has been celebrating since early this morning, and is evidently a silly worse for wear. I will make sure his presence is noted here if you will allow me, and then will make sure he retires to his rooms.

Please play along, as amusing as it would be if you didnt

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

Teyran lookeed down at his armor and chuckled as the man walked away, what sort of fool would believe that such a portrait would be that of a vanquished foe? "Of course, sir, it is the reason I do what I do," He said, knowing the boy wouldn't understand what he'd meant, even though he'd said it without a hint of deception.

He did as he was told, and reported to the North Gate, to await the arrival of Lady Surtova, he hoped that she would be worhty of the title, unlike the man he had just dealt with.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

"How curious for us to have followed such similar paths... I must say, I'm surprised you recognized me after all these years - and through a crowd as well. It seems I made quite an impression on you, Kesten! That summer together was very memorable, was it not? It certainly was for me," she trailed off, only playing at being coy.

Gesturing toward the bar, she asked, "Shall we sit and share a drink, for old times' sake? I would be quite happy to hear about how you've been and what you've done with yourself. I think I'm still trying to get my feet under me, so to speak, with finally being free to actually live for myself."

Harcos and Erostil:

”Private Jensen! Stand down, stand down!” A short balding man bursts into the room with a guard in toe, he is waving a crumpled sheet of parchment around. ”I don't have enough bloody time for this. Everyone stand down, return to your posts, now!” He shouts orders in a shrill voice. ”But Master Janus, this ruffian...” The balding man cuts him off with a look, ”Is an esteemed guest. Master Morrison, if you and your friend will please follow me.” The man turns and hurries down the hall.


You did not have to wait long for her arrival as she was part of the royal procession into the city. An older man obviously well-versed with the blade on his hip joined the Lord Regent as he passed, and finally came the 'Queen'.

Her carriage couldn't have been more rich unless it was cast in gold and covered in diamonds. You had never seen so much jewels in one place, let alone on a carriage. It stopped momentarily as a younger woman with close cropped hair stepped out and looked around as if on guard. "Are you the man of virtue that the Queen requested?" She asked in a gruff tone.

The curtains of the carriage parted slightly before closing again.


He flashed a grin at you, "I have not forgotten you all these years." He glanced at the inn and shook his head with a frown, "Unfortunately I do not have that much time. My presence is required at the ceremony in a few hours. I must get prepared and join my colleagues for the parade through the city." Then he smiles again, "I know, Come with me! He exclaims.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Antha laughs at Kesten's sudden change in topic. "You sure do know how to give a girl a good time, Kesten! Of course I'll come with you," she continued mirthfully.

male Aasimar (Angel Blooded) Paladin level 3

"I am," Teyran said simply, nodding at the woman.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos stands there silently, watching the events unfold. As Master Janus comes with something that may be the letter he handed earlier over he looks at Erostil. The look could be considered a silent threatening stare, but after a moment Harcos speaks up, addressing Erostil. "Thanks."

He realizes that he got once again into rouble in a way that is so typical for him, another reason why he didn't think he would be a good representative for his family at any social event.

"I thought my father sent a messenger already that I am to represent House Morrison, I wanted to avoid such a scene." He speaks to Janus as he turns towards the door.

Then he looks at the guard. "I did tell you that I need to get the paperwork done, that I am a guest for the wedding. That keeping me out means trouble for the both of us. Why does no one ever listen?" His warm voice is tired and calm, but his presence is just as disturbing and maybe unnatural as it was before.

Harcos turns to Master Janus again. "Don't fire or sack him, he tried to do his job." He was worried that the man may lose his job due to the event of acting like this against the Morrisons, little did he understand that his words may actually remind Janus that that would be a proper method to handle the diplomatic backslash and could in fact result in the guard losing its job. As twisted the reactions are due to his presence people may think he wants the man sacked. Often the worst is assumed from his words.

I hope my RP of the low Charisma effect is interesting and good enough. One could argue that such an effect would be caused by a High Charisma, but IMO not if the effect only negatively affects the PC itself.

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

What a strange man to affect those around him so. Full of violence and seemingly unaffected nature. What drives him? And why did the guard react so harshly when nothing happened to the man himself. I will have to think more upon this

You are more than welcome friend. I am simply glad that I could be in the right place at the right time. Otherwise things might have become unpleasant. Perhaps we will see each other at the festivities? By the way, I meant nothing by my remark about you being influenced by the demon drink. It was a ploy to buy some time, not something that was meant to be a mark against your character. If I have caused offence then I am sorry.

Erostil will turn to the guard and smile. My name is Erostil Vramir, I was told to report here with this letter confirming my attendance. I was wondering if you might be able to help me Sir?

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos replies to Erostil with a small nod before he turns to the guard. "No. I know. You didn't."

We're still all separate right? I'm still waiting on the bartender to give me my drink. Is anyone else in the common room of the Gnarly Hobbit?

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Yes I think we are all still roughly seperate. I need to sign in as entertainment, and then my time is my own. Just taking a little time.

I just try not to read posts where my character isn't present. Makes it easier not to metagame. Just wanted to make sure you were't all hanging out without me :P

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Nah, we are working on stuff and then eventually going to meet I hope

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

I was in the common room of the Gnarly Hobbit, talking with an NPC from my background history. Your may have noticed me, Grendolynn, but it likely would have been "saw an attractive elvish-seeming woman talking and laughing with a man near the door". We've just left for the ceremony.

veiled woman wrote:
”I am... no... better not to say. I am having a crisis of faith. I do not know what the Goddess wants me too, and I am conflicted. I am suppose to do something, but I do not know if I can do through with it. And I...”

Arasmes attempts to console the woman, patting her gently on the arm. "The light of the Dawnflower can sometimes be shadowed, particularly in realms, such as Brevoy, where her followers are not numerous. It is up to us, those with faith to seek out the light of her truth. Know that the dawn of every day can bring new hope and that everyone can partake in the opportunity lying in wait for us in the new day," he said. "Come let us retire in privacy where we can further discuss your crisis of faith."

I apologize Grendolynn somehow the post I had written for you never made it. I must have deleted it somehow or pasted over it. Will get one for you today.

Grendolynn, there is a post for you further up, but I will repost it here.


”I doubt that crowds are used to you, no offense.” The elder halfling says as he pours another drink for you. ”This stuff won't really make it better, you know.” He pushes the drink towards you. ”I must say that you do seem peculiar for one of your kind. There is a story, I gather?”

Bingo seems more at ease now and as friendly as any host seeking to entertain his guests.


Kesten beams a grin, ”Then let us be away. Unfortunately I sent my horse on home when I pursued you here. We will have to walk, but I know the city fairly well now.”

Kesten leads you through some alleyways here and there. It seems his knowledge of the city is far more then fairly well as he seems to avoid the crowd completely. He seems in good spirits, and he will joke with you as you walk. You remember a much somber boy then the man escorting you through Restov now. He leads you out of an alley onto a road with few people and turns towards a walled section inside of the city. Beyond the guarded gates the city rises into multiple manors and estates where the wealthiest of the city most reside. He gives a brief nod to the guards and gestures his head to the side, ”She is with me.”

”Yes, Master Garess.” One of the guards responses and opens a small door on the gate to let the pair of you through.


”Good a man of few words. The less the better. I want to get something straight. I am responsible for the Queen's well being, you are only here because her brother insisted on it. Up with the driver then so we continue to move.” The woman speaks gruffly. You get the feeling that she holds the entire thing with disdain as if her entire being had been insulted by your presence. She holds herself in away that suggests she is skilled with the blade at her hip. She will wait until you response or get up with the driver before getting back into the carriage.

Harcos and Erostil:

The guard sheaths his blade and grumbles as he takes the letter thrusts it back into Erostil hands and waves him. ”Master Janus will be who you see and he is headed down the hall, hurry along.”

Master Janus is mumbling to Harcos as they pass down the hall. ”Lord Morrison did send a message and warned that an event like this could happen. I am entirely too busy to babysit every delegate that comes through here. I am just glad I heard the commotion and met the guard in the hall before I had to get you out of shackles. You can't expect the lesser employees to know everything. I couldn't sack that man if I wanted too, but I can reassign him to somewhere less desirable.” He grumbles but doesn't explain any further. He makes a quick right and goes into an office on the left. The office is a frenzy of moving people and parchments as they try to get all the information about the delegates straight.

Before Master Janus can even take you back to his private office a man comes running up to him. ”Our eyes on the North Gate just arrived, the Lord Regent procession is about to enter the city!” He says frantically. Master Janus does not hold back his short string of curses, ”Our the guards in place? Is the Lord Mayor aware? Is he meeting them with his entourage? Move it!” He waves the man off and hustles into his office. ”Get in here, Master Morrison. And the other one too, I will have to get your arrangements together.”


The woman looks around briefly then nods. ”Of course, I do not have much time. If my father knew I sneaked out...” She timidly follows Arasmes to a private room. She will find a sit as soon as she is in the room and begin to sob quietly again. ”I am suppose to get married, but I don't know this man, and I am afraid. My father has insisted that I do my duty to the family and go through with it, but I... I want to be a priestess of the Dawnflower. I can feel her presence... I don't know what to do.” She cries out.

HP 14/14; Init +3; Per +4, Low-Light Vision; AC 13, T 13, FF 10; F +1, R +5, W +3 (+2 vs mind, +1 vs Fear), immune sleep

Walking through the city, Antha did not fail to notice the skillful adroitness with which Kesten navigated them towards his duty station. Talking and joking the entire way, it seemed that whatever had occured in the past number of years had changed him a great deal.

Noting the increasing wealth of their surroundings, and path towards even more wealthy mansions, she asked curiously once they passed through the gates, "Wow, Kesten, where are we going? And 'Master' Garess...? That sounds almost respectable!"

I hope we don't see any of my family. Or his, since he's been disinherited. That would just ruin what's become a very good day all of a sudden!

With that cheery thought, she wrapped her arm around his as if she were the belle of the ball being escorted by the prince himself, and strode on.

"Sarenrae values honesty, and it is good that you are honest about your fears. Now that it is out in the light, you can face it to determine what actions are required," Arasmes says to the woman as he sits beside her, continuing to console her. "Although, ideally, we all should all be able to follow our hearts, there are times when we must be pushed into something that is for the greater good, even without our express consent. On the other hand, if it would not result in a benefit for all, we would have the right to cast aside such a demand."

"I do not know your specific situation but do not feel you need to expand if that would cause you trouble. The specifics do not matter to me as much as it does to you. Look within yourself, allow the compassionate light of the Dawnflower to shine and expose the truth that you know is within you. Look at the situation as through all aspects of Sarenrae. Honesty, redemption, healing and the sun. Allow those tenets, and the goddess, to guide you."

"As to your other concern... There is nothing in the faith that prevents a priest or priestess from marrying another, or from one already in the bonds of matrimony from joining the priesthood. One can be both wife and priestess, husband and priest. Duty to family and to the goddess can coincide. If this marriage would somehow preclude even that small demonstration of faith... well, I would hope such a sacrifice would benefit a great many."

Arasmes then looked through the veil at the woman's eyes and held her hands. "If you wish, we can go through the litany and a period of meditation. It is my firm belief that the solution will present itself to you under the light of the Dawnflower. If it does not, however, together we can delve deeper for the lesson the goddess wishes to teach us."

Male Dhamphir Bard 1

Erostil will have made his way after the two men, keeping close and silent, listening as much as he can and gathering all the information he can from his surroundings.

Can I help at all?

Teyran nodded again, "Very well. let us hope that I am as unneccesary as you believe."

He climned up easily enough, though he had some difficulty sitting down, with his large sword at his side, though he managed eventually.

Whoops, missed that. Thanks for the repost.

"Yeah, I guess so. I was mostly raised by a human man. But we live out in the woods, we're trappers. I suppose you're right about this stuff." she says drinking down the whiskey. "I don't need any more right now....It's just tough you know?" She pauses for a moment. "Everyone assumes so much about you just because of the way you look. Is it like that for halflings too?" She asks the kindly old barkeep.

Male Human Pistolero 1

Harcos nods as he follows the man into his office. "Is there a problem?"


”I had nothing when I arrived here. I was looking for any excuse to throw my life away to regain my father's grace in the end.” He says with a somber expression, but then flashes a smile. ”I realized later that a keen wit and fast blade was valued by the Swordlords and I had impressed one of them enough to become his apprentice. He became my lord, mentor, and father the last couple years of my exile.” He hurries forward suddenly excited to show you the life he had been living the last couple of years. ”Every Swordlord has earned their position by apprenticeship or combat, and last month I earned my title when I defeated my master's rival. His estate and authority became mine.” Kesten had released himself from your hold during his speech and ends it in a flourished bow to you. ”Presenting Master Kesten Garess, the Exiled Blade, and newly minted Swordlord of Restov.” He returned to your side after the theatrics. You can hear a carriage approaching from behind and he guides you to the side of the road as the most gilded carriage passes that you have ever seen, it could only be more expensive if it was cast of gold and covered in diamonds. Two figures graced the driver seat, one of them was a average man holding the reins and intently watching the road ahead, but the other seemed to be looking for any signs of danger, an older man in heavy armor with a strange painting of a female tiefling on it.


”I... I have prayed for months for an answer, but she seems silent. I can not begin marriage and priesthood at the same time to much would be required of me. I am suppose to marry today!” She gets a bit frantic near the end of her speech. ”I can not serve to masters. I feel like it must be my father or my goddess... which duty do I chose?”

Harcos and Erostil:

”No problem, just the bloody ceremony. I am in charge of everything as per my Lord's request and some of the bloody guests of honor waited until today to arrive.” He states in a shrill voice and then shakes his head, ”Are you any good with administration? If not then no. Plus aren't you one of the bards? I need you to play for our guests so they don't get bloody cranky. Look I need the pair of you back here in two hours.” He pulls out a plan for the procession to center square where the wedding will take place. He points to a float, ”You will be with the bards playing from here for the lesser nobles.” His finger moves only slightly and stabs down, ”Master Morrison, you will ride with these nobles here. If your father had come he would have ridden in a higher position, no offense intended.


She returns to the carriage and the driver continues onwards. The driver expertly handles the reins and people part before the carriage as it moves through the city. The district continues to get richer until you arrive at the gated district of the Swordlords themselves. After a brief exchange with the driver the guards open the gate to allow the carriage to pass. Teyran keeps a watch for danger but all you see a pair on the road here. A fancy dressed young man with a typical Restov dueling blade at his hip and a female half-elf who are walking with a purpose. It will not be long before you arrive at the estate of Ioseph Sellemius, Lord Mayor of Restov, where the Lord Regent (or King) and 'Queen' will be staying for their duration. Probably a gamble considering the rumors on the street are that no love is lost between the Surtovas and the Lord Mayor. Natala Surtova does not want for beauty; seemly perfect alabaster skin, black hair as dark as night, and sky blue eyes which seem to twinkle with an innocent mischief, and she moves with the grace of royalty.

The next couple hours will be a fury of activity with servants move about everywhere to prepare the 'Queen' for the wedding. It is constant in and out, and you are asked to retire to the door when she is being changed as only women can attend her. Her constant shadow through is the woman that seems equipped to deal with trouble. The day slows to a pace as you guard the door, but eventually the female guard joins you...

”What is the picture on the armor for?” She asks in an inquisitive tone though one which lacks feelings, though she has a beauty of her own it has been harden by her time as a warrior and overshadowed by scars.


”Cheats and thieves? Yeah, most of us that aren't deserving of that get labeled in with the others. I try to run a respectful establishment here, and most of the time people leave the moment they find out a family of halflings run it. Like we will just rob them blind while they sleep. Sometimes I have half the mind too just because that is how they see me." Bingo grumbles as he dumps the glass into water. ”If you want to watch the ceremony from a safe distance you can go with my family and I, we honest halflings need to find higher vantage points.”

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