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The Nightfall Scion Chronicles (Inactive)

Game Master DM Heterocephalus

"The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing"

The deities have spoken and an elite band consisting of talented inquisitors have been invited to join forces against the forces of darkness.

The Nightfall Scion

The Shining Crusade was a decade-long war fought by the Taldoran Empire, the dwarves of the Kingdom of Kraggodan, and the Knights of Ozem against the forces of the Whispering Tyrant of Ustalav. It began in 3754 AR and ended with the Tyrant's defeat and imprisonment in 3827 AR and the founding of the country of Lastwall the following year. The Nightfall Scion was formed around 3828 AR the same year as the country Lastwall was established.

It was said a group of Inquisitors consisting of dwarves of the Kingdom of Kraggodan, and the Knights of Ozem pledged themselves to never allow such a fiend to emerge again. While the army of Lastwall guards the burial site of the Whispering Tyrant, the churches have pledged to form the Nightfall Scion lead by Patriarch Lazarus Nightfall, a Grand Inquisitor of the Church of Iomedae. The Nightfall Scion was not to be affiliated to the various churches so as to function as a weapon for the Church against the forces of darkness.

A select group of 7 inquisitors was formed from the 7 Founding Church of the following Deities; Iomedae, Erastil, Torag, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Cayden Cailean and Desna. They are named the 7 Peers depicting the 7 Heavenly Virtues. A new group of 7 inquisitors were selected and invited every 50 years to form the new 7 Peers. However on exceptional years whenever the 7 Peers fall in battle, a new group of 7 inquisitors will be summoned to replace them. For the first 550 years, the cycle was stable and 11 generations from the 1st generations was transited smoothly. However in the year 4415 AR, the 12th generation of the 7 Peers disappeared. It was not known what has happened and this matter was archived and not spoken about. Thus a 13th generation of 7 Peers was selected that in the year 4415AR.

We are now in 4515 AR. It is a time of darkness where the forces of evil are at it’s strongest since the defeat of the Whispering Tyrant. There are talks that a sinister demonic group is plotting to free the whispering tyrant from Gallowspire, the current site of the Nation of Lastwall. The Hordeline, a makeshift border of wooden palisades and crude forts marking the border between Lastwall and the Hold of Belkzen, is constructed. However it is quickly overrun by orc hordes. As a bastion against the orcs, the crusader and adventurer Ekat Kassen begins his service to the nation of Lastwall. Invitations to form the 16th generation group of 7 Peers were also sent by the current Patriarch Thelessia Nightfall.

For the base of operations of the Nightfall Scion "The Dusk Valley" is a closely guarded secret as in the case the Crimson Capital of the Red Mantis.

However Initiates will be told to meet at a location within the Mindspin Mountains within Nirmathas. Where they will be contacted and brought to the the Nightfall Scion base blindfolded until after their initiation ceremony is done.

The meeting place location is near Kraggodan one of the famous Sky Citadels, strongholds built at the beginning of the Age of Darkness when the dwarves first emerged on Golarion's surface at the culmination of their Quest for Sky. Because of this, the city still has many entrances to the Darklands.

The 16th Generation

The 7 Peers

Terflynn Pram the bow cleric of deity Gozreh. He is Neutral Good.

From the trickery and master of the unpredictable we have Grollus Ardensmith the whip lashing inquisitor of deity Calistra. He is Chaotic Good.

From pain and dust, a dwarf with a dark passenger we have Angrom The Tickler the stout and hardy whip fighter of deity Zon-Kuthon. He is Lawful Neutral.

Strong hearted and loyal, a half orc whom she do not discriminate we have Embrianna a follower of Shelyn. She is Lawful Good.

A hidden torrent of wild arcane power, tamed by the tenets of divinity we have Dignis "Diggy" Burrows, a maverick of deity Cayden Cailean. He is Chaotic Good.

As swift as the wind, she is a dawnflower tempest of divine fury. We have Jade Parsenol a monk inquisitor of deity Sarenrae. She is Lawful Good.

Lastly a most unlikely candidate, a cannibal escaping from his dark past. A redemption play personified. For reason much unknown, we have Thak Val Zsing

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