Toasting Merrymead with Two New Venture-Captains

Monday, February 6, 2012

Illustration by Alex Aparin

It is a rare occasion when a person can combine two fun events into one. On this Monday after the Super Bowl, I get to do just that!

First, I want to welcome two new Venture-Captains to the ranks in areas that have been in serious need of strong organization for some time. The first is St. Louis, Missouri. Originally, St. Louis wasn’t on my list. However, that quickly changed when Brett Sweeney emailed his interest in becoming a Venture-Captain. He provided a very good resume and some outstanding answers to my interview questionnaire. There already seems to be a very strong base of players in the region and I am excited to see how Pathfinder Society grows in St. Louis, as well as the rest of Missouri, now that we have the entire state covered with an awesome group of Venture-Officers.

I also get very excited when we are able to assign a Venture-Captain to a region, or in this case a state, that has had little to no Venture-Officer presence, but has been longing for someone to step up to the task of organizing Pathfinder Society. I’ve known Martin Shelby for more than 10 years, have played roleplaying, board, card and miniatures games with him during that period, and know his organizational and gaming skills are up to the task. When he moved from Atlanta to Nashville last year, I already had my sights on setting him up as a Venture-Captain there. We talked about it last year at Gen Con and he wasn’t prepared to take over the reigns. However, five months later, he has decided that he would like to see how fast he can grow Pathfinder Society in middle Tennessee. He will be our first Venture-Captain in Tennessee and I foresee good things happening for the growth of Pathfinder Society in the state.

Now, on to the second fun event for this week—another holiday blog (and anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good brew)! Creative Director James Jacobs wrote the below description of Merrymead and you will find a special Pathfinder Society Chronicle sheet you can download and apply to a Pathfinder Society character. Merrymead is mentioned on page 248 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide.

The month of Calistril is much anticipated, if only because it signifies the end of winter and the inevitable (and usually much welcomed) onset of spring. And no time is more infused with this eager anticipation than the second day of the month—a day set aside in most areas of the Inner Sea as the holiday known as Merrymead. A key element of Merrymead, of course, is the consumption of the last of the previous season’s alcohol. Traditionally, this is intended to be little more than a communal sharing of mead supplies (a legacy of the holiday’s original origins in central Druma), but today, most celebrants use Merrymead as an excuse to get completely smashed on whatever source of booze is available. In high societies, aristocrats celebrate with the uncorking of bottles specifically set aside for the event, while in the city slums, roving gangs of celebrants carouse from bar to bar. It is here that the notorious “mead riots” generally happen, when not-quite-drunk-enough merrymakers, faced with the inevitable situation of there being more carousers than alcohol, grow violent and destructive. Cities with strong histories of mead riots generally draw upon additional troops from the militia to help keep the peace... yet sometimes, it can be hard to draw upon those troops when they themselves have been looking forward to their own Merrymead celebrations!

Welcome to our new Venture-Captains and Blesse... hic... Happ... hic... fun Merrymead all!

Click here to download the Merrymead 4712 Boon! - 815 KB (zip/PDF)

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Silver Crusade

This is awesome. I'll be handing it to my players this Saturday.

love taht artwork

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Thanks for the warm welcome to the team!

St. Louisans, I'll do my best to ensure that there are no local mead riots this month!

Lantern Lodge

LOL that's great. Got a game in 2 weeks, so that works out perfect! :)

Silver Crusade

Most excellent! My Oracle (dex 7 wis 7) could really have some fun being outrageously blasted....oh, yes, Venture Captains...Welcome aboard, and thanks for the booze!

Silver Crusade

Looking forward to playing with you Brett!

What a nice b-day present ;) Thanks! :)

Grand Lodge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes aka TwilightKnight

Damn, missed it by one day. Sorry to my players from yesterday :-)

Grand Lodge

Sweet! I love this, though Im not sure how the parents of some of my younger players will like this one in particular, lol.


Nicely designed boon.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Indiana—Hammond

Congratulations to the two new Venture-Captains.

I like the boon and will use it soon at my table.

Dark Archive 5/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Indiana—Lafayette aka Cactus-Jack

Excellent Idea. Totally Love it.

Of course, Murphy had his grimy hands in this since Our last PFS day was yesterday. Fortunately Our next one is on the 26th. Just have to remember to have the Chronicle for our players. Will be cutting it close though.

Lantern Lodge

New MO Venture-Captain? A holiday boon centered around getting wasted? Such an awesome blog post.

Scarab Sages

Congratulations, Brett! Well deserved. Hopefully we'll see you on February 19th at Game Nite.


Shadow Lodge

Boon is kinda like getting drunk at a Super Bowl party.

Anyway, congrats to the new Venture Captains. I may be visiting St Louis (Webster Grove actually) sometime this year and look forward to seeing all the action.

Grand Lodge

Let me be the first to welcome Martin to Nashville as our new Venture Captain! I look forward to talking and possibly working with you in the future. I'll be handing the new boon out tonight in celebration!


Blackmoor wrote:
Let me be the first to welcome Martin to Nashville as our new Venture Captain! I look forward to talking and possibly working with you in the future. I'll be handing the new boon out tonight in celebration!

Thanks Blackmoor! I look forward to meeting you. Drop me an email, private message, etc and lets see what we can get going.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Pathfinder Card Game, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber
Kerney wrote:
I may be visiting St Louis (Webster Grove actually) sometime this year and look forward to seeing all the action.

Toss me a PM when/if you get into the area, and I'll let you know about games that're happening while you're here. It's always exciting when people we aren't acquainted with join us!

Grand Lodge

Can I get this boon if I GM a game dying this time frame?

Grand Lodge 5/5


Grand Lodge


Never heard of this until today. This could use a holiday tag.

I just found out about Pathfinder last April and missed being able to download this boon sheet. I know that this boon is no longer available for PFS play, but I was wanting to see if anyone could add the flavor text here. I enjoy the holiday flavoring and would like to have it available for use in a home game.

Thanks in advance.

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