Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood!


New Kickstarter From Kobold Press!

Let the fine folks over at Kobold Press help you forge your own path with their latest Kickstarter!

The New Paths Compendium: Pathfinder RPG Expanded Edition is a revised and expanded hardcover for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with new classes, feats, spells, and art, from arcane paladins to warlocks.

This hardcover edition of the New Paths Compendium begins with 8 new classes, and could easily go to 11 new classes if a few stretch goals are reached. Most of the classes in the book have several years of actual play and refinement, and even the newest classes have seen hundreds of hours of playtest and development. These are well-honed options for either player or GM, presented in a professional, readable layout with high standards of editing and design.

Kobold Press hired RPG legend Kim Mohan to edit and develop the text. Kobold Press has a final, edited manuscript and almost all the final art in hand. They are pursuing a quick timeline for final layout and print, so the book will be ready by the end of October, just 3 months after the Kickstarter ends!

Kobold Press has an outstanding track record of delivering on their Kickstarter promises. But don't forget the huge variety of releases from Kobold Press available here, and dare to enter their world of Midgard!

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Liberty's Edge

Thank's so much for featuring the New Paths Compendium Kickstarter!

It's going to be a beautiful, full color, hardcover with all new art and a brand new layout.

We're only a week in, and we're fully funded, plus we've added a bunch of stretch goals! We've added new Battle Scion & Death Feats, and more awesome art. The new Tinkerer and Mystic Archer are also now in the book and we're chugging away toward adding the Warlock!

We are very excited about this book and I hope everyone checks the Kickstarter out (and backs it of course! :)

Please Back the New Paths Compendium TODAY!


The Exchange Kobold Press

This project is the result of many years of design, refinement, and actual play. Very happy that it is funded, and would love to have everyone's support to expand Pathfinder further.

What class, or classes, is the basis for the Warlock? If any. Is it the Summoner? The weapon taking the place of the eidolon?

Liberty's Edge

goldomark wrote:
What class, or classes, is the basis for the Warlock? If any. Is it the Summoner? The weapon taking the place of the eidolon?

Well, we can't spill all the beans yet! :)

But, if you think more along the lines of a Witch's familiar combined with a highly specialized, intelligent weapon, you'll be a bit closer to the mark ...

The Exchange Kobold Press

And yes, that Warlock class is funded and added to the book! Next up are some new spells.

Liberty's Edge

Quick follow up - the New Paths Compendium is now available for preorder!

New Paths Compendium preorder

It will also be available in a few weeks right here through as well!

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