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(Re)introducing the giant 4-part Forgotten Realms map!

One of the largest and most comprehensive of all Forgotten Realms maps is the one that was published in four parts in Dragon Magazine #287 to #290. We've been out of stock on #287 and #290 for a while now, leaving fans who craved the giant map with no way to satisfy their hunger. However, while moving stuff around in the warehouse, we came across a box of three of the four maps. The fourth is still available as part of the full back issue, so once again—and probably for the last time—you can get your hands on this huge map!

The giant 42"x60" Forgotten Realms Map is made up of the upper left quadrant from Dragon #287, the upper right quadrant from Dragon #288 (which can also be obtained by buying Dragon #288 as a back issue), the lower left quadrant (only available as part of the Dragon #289 back issue), and the lower right quadrant from Dragon #290.

In addition to the large map sections, we also found a very small quantity of the original Forgotten Realms campaign map that came with the third edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting hardcover. How we ended up with these, I will never know, but they're here for the taking... until they sell out!

Update: The map from the hardcover is already sold out!

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There must be some sort of grand Paizo plan to get all of my money. Darn you!

Hmm. Is there any way to order these now, but not pay for them until about a month from now? I really can't afford to buy them at the moment since I've just spent about $130 on Paizo products the past week. I imagine this won't be possible, but it can't hurt to ask :)

Liberty's Edge

ROFL @ Blog Title!!

"Dear Forgotten Realms Map -

You are a pretty cool map that I have known since 4th Grade. We had lots of fun times in Math class. I know we haven't talked much since you stopped hanging out with Mystra and started talking about "points of light", but maybe next year we'll be in the same homeroom again and we can be closer.

2Cool 2B 4Gotten!

Your friend, Jeremy"

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Now, if we could get Paizo to do this for Golarion's maps ...

Lord Fyre wrote:
Now, if we could get Paizo to do this for Golarion's maps ...

Inner Sea Poster Map Folio, expected November 2010.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Fayries wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Now, if we could get Paizo to do this for Golarion's maps ...
Inner Sea Poster Map Folio, expected November 2010.


Scarab Sages

AGH! And after I spent the last two years on ebay piecing together my old map... too cruel... too cruel...

Comprehensive Forgotten Realms map? I think the winner of that category goes to the interactive Atlas of Faerun that came out in the late 90s. Basically it was Google Earth (before Google Earth), but for Faerun. You could zoom in and look at the interior of mapped buildings, dungeons and what-not. Fantastic.

I'd love to see something like that for Golarion, but since the Inner Sea is the only thing mapped (officially), that's a long way off.

This may be late but I missed out all those years the FR was the rage.
How does this map compare to the one in the Forgotten Realms Grey Boxed Set?

Liberty's Edge

The map in question is fantastic! I recommend it for any old-school fans of FR!

Thanks, I just put my order in last night for the map. I only wish PAIZO had done a poster map of RavenLoft.

I just recieved mine and WOW! it looks great on my dineing room wall. I now have a complete map set of Forgotten realms, Eberron and greyhawk.

And in answer to the obvious question, No, I never eat in the dineing room thats for gameing. I eat in my living room recliner.

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