Paper Isn't Dead!


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Gaming Paper has two new ways to enhance your game!

At Paizo, we really love the products that Gaming Paper puts out. Their rolls of gridded paper are really useful for plotting out your dungeons and making your game flow better. They garnered a silver ENnie last month, but they haven't been satisfied to sit on their laurels: they've just introduced two new products you'll want to take a look at!

First up is Gaming Paper Singles. Each pack contains 100 sheets of heavy-duty gaming paper, with 1-inch squares on both sides. These 8.5" by 11" sheets are great for putting together smaller dungeons or single rooms.

The second product is by far the earliest Christmas-related product that we've ever blogged! Fan-favorite artist Stan! has created a fun Christmas Wrapping Paper design. Featuring some of his characters, this 12-foot-long, 30-inch-wide roll is a great way to bring your gaming into your holiday giving!

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Yeah boy! I've always adored Gaming Paper. AND they hooked us up at the Iron GM tournament at Gen Con with free sheets for every table and free rolls for every competing GM.

That Stan! created paper is amazing. Or in Stan!'s case... Amazing!

Love this! Just wish there was a hex option for this like there is for the rolls.

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