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Louis Porter Jr. publishes two Pathfinder RPG–Compatible print products!

It has been a long time since we've plugged products from Louis Porter Jr. Design. Louis has been busy releasing a whole bunch of Pathfinder RPG compatible PDF products over the past few months, including two new print products that hit our warehouse last week!

The first book is the Obsidian Twilight Campaign Setting. A dark star fell from the sky bringing with it the end of all things. The sanctity of the world known as Abaddon was shattered by the global apocalyptic event of a meteor impacting the planet, causing a destructive ecological and eldritch change. Now there is no day or night, just never ending twilight—an undead world ruled by fear and horror. Undead nightmares prowl the darkest forest with malevolent ghouls; grim demonic fiends and horrific vampires prey on a fearful populace. The world is dominated by the monstrously powerful immortal vampiric lich lord known as Calix Sabinus, who reigns supreme over this world. And with all this, the mysterious force known as Nightwall. Evil dominates the world to be challenged by noble heroes fighting to take back a world that should belong to them. Are you willing to take up the fight?

The Race Creation Cookbook, is a point-based race creation sourcebook where GMs with a taste for fantasy world-building can build new fantasy races from scratch, or adapt races from other sources. Presented in this sourcebook are guidelines for designing new fantasy character races with access to a wide variety of abilities and balancing drawbacks.

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