It's a 3D World After All!


War Torn Worlds scenery available at 25% off for a limited time!

I admit it: I have a bit of a 3D obsession when it comes to my roleplaying game table. For years now, I have been collecting bits of dungeon dressing, small buildings—both paper and resin—for my towns, and lately, a lot of 3D wilderness pieces for my upcoming Kingmaker campaign. So when War Torn Worlds announced a 25% off sale on some of their cool 3D scenery, I sat up and took notice!

War Torn Worlds is a neat company that makes 3D terrain out of recycled rubber. Living \in the green Pacific Northwest, recycling is second nature, so it's exciting to see that all those rubber tires are going towards creating cool scenery, as opposed to burning in large piles and polluting the ecosystem.

And there's a bunch of cool stuff on sale: rubble piles, walls and rises, winter outcroppings, a well, a pool, and a pond. This is just a small selection of the awesomeness that is War Torn Worlds scenery, so you will want to check out their whole catalog to add some 3D to your wilderness campaigns! This sale lasts only until the end of September, so don't wait!

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