"S" is for Seltyiel, Seoni, and Sorceress!


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Two new Reaper Pathfinder Miniatures are here!

Poor Seltyiel—he just doesn't get any respect! Since our iconic eldritch knight took a prestige class, he didn't even get featured in the main classes section of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Core Rulebook. And even though he packs a mean punch, he always seems to be playing second fiddle to Seoni. He's even had to wait until now to be the last of our original 12 iconics released in the Pathfinder Miniatures line. And guess who is also there to steal attention from his debut? Yep, you guessed it.

Seltyiel, Iconic Half-Elf Eldritch Knight shows our favorite half-elf with a sword in one hand and a big old spell about to go off in the other! Reaper is also rereleasing Seoni, Iconic Human Sorcerer—Original Version, which was previously available from Crocodile Games, but has been sold out for a couple of months now.

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