A Sound Investment

Sonic Legends releases more soundscapes for your game!

Our friends at Sonic Legends have a great catalog of tracks perfect for any game, from high fantasy to science fiction, modern to alien, and it just keeps getting bigger! Since we last highlighted them, they've added nine new soundscapes to help you crank your game up to 11!

Village Inn: This is a place for weary adventurers to rest and enjoy a tankard of fine ale, a bowl of mutton stew, a hot bath, and perhaps a wench or two.

Dwarven City: Deep within the living rock, a gentle wind echoes through natural caves and hollowed tunnels. It is here that the dwarves make their home. Heavy pickaxes strike stone, and wooden wheels creak as cartloads of precious gems are hauled away. Sonorous horns sound, signaling the passage of a day marked not in hours, but in shifts, for the mountain is mine, workshop, and home to its bearded inhabitants.

Magical Spell: A circle of elves casts a spell to heal the land or to help their allies. Using the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, they create change in perfect unity and beauty... Golden-white light surrounds them and the very land they stand on seems to sing.

Werewolf Battle: Werewolves battle for the alpha spot in their pack. The spectators cheer on one side or the other, and the excitement escalates as the fight gets more intense. The rivals rely on their most primal instincts, ferocious and wild. They know that there can only be one winner, one Alpha. And that the loser will not be allowed to survive to challenge him again.

Old Western Town: Ride in off the trail, kick the dust from your boots, and step into town full of classy ladies, ornery hombres, and gunfighters faster than greased lightning. You can hear a cowboy's spurs rattle with every stomp of a Texas-sized boot, and it's only a matter of time before some high-steppin' cowpoke gets called out to settle a score in the town square.

Derelict Starship: The adventurers find themselves exploring an abandoned starship. Faint lights flicker dimly down long corridors. Equipment lies dormant, engines quiet. No signs of life are apparent, but there is a sense of foreboding as they wonder why the ship was abandoned in the first place. Perhaps there is life still here after all...

Space Battle: Drop out of hyperspace and into the heart of battle, where titanic starships launch planet-shattering weapons, and star fighters duel across a sky ablaze with nuclear fire. Screaming engines shine brighter than the stars themselves as empires clash across the galactic battlefield.

Palace of the Galactic Emperor: A mix of synthesizers and exotic instruments from the farthest worlds play the anthem of the mighty empire as the Emperor himself ascends the throne on a beam of light. The Galaxy spirals into infinity while nebulae billow and curl. A dominion of a billion worlds stands at the ready, awaiting the command of the Emperor of the Galaxy.

Cyberpunk: This is the bleeding edge! Hot flesh, cold steel, and silicon chips merge, drowning in a sea of 1s and 0s. This is cyberpunk, where man and machine are one and the same. Some dance on the strings of their megacorporate masters while others hack and crack and eat the system out from the inside out. Jack in, power up, or burn out!

There are FREE MP3 samples for each product, so you can listen before you buy!

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