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Chromatic Player Characters
by Mike McArtor
You asked of it! Last year, Dragon brought you the rules for playing metallic dragons as PCs. This year, we delve deep into the black heart of evil dragons, presenting all five chromatic dragons broken down into levels you can use for your characters.

Cult of the Dragon Below
by Keith Baker
Eberron’s creator gives us insight into the diabolical plans of those who worship the horrors of Khyber, the Dragon Below.

Cutting up the Dragon
by Andrew Coleman
The dragon is dead, but what do you do with the carcass? Learn about the juiciest bits and what you can make out of them.

A super-sized Ecology of the Kobold, Dragon Spells, Class Acts, Bazaar of the Bizarre, First Watch, Scale Mail, Spellcraft, Sage Advice, and comics.

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