Can a Druid in animal form command their animal companion?

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Command animal has the auditory trait. Animal form has the polymorph trait. Polymorph trait says you can’t speak while polymorphed. But does that mean you can’t make the noises necessary to command your AC? Especially if you use sounds an animal of the ACs type can make and are polymlrphed into that same animal?

Specific situation I have in mind:

AC is a mature leopard.
Druid uses untamed shape/animal shape to transform into a leopard.

In this case it’s a trade of one of the Druid’s actions for one of the ACs..

With a young AC it would mean the difference of no actions for the AC vs. the AC getting two actions in trade for one of the Druid’s.

As a GM, I’d totally allow it. But since RAW is vague (does auditory imply speech in this case?) I might expect some table variation. So I’m wondering if there’s an official ruling.

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Auditory does not imply speech but can include speech ("can speak or otherwise produce the required sounds"). It includes whistling, snapping, playing a drum, anything that makes noise. The is the Linguistic trait requires language.

I could have sworn the Command an Animal used to have the option for the visual trait as well.

There isn't an official ruling.

Having trained enough cats and dogs, I'd allow it. In a magical world, someone who can regularly change their shape and has a pet as smart as a companion can have worked out a system for that pet to follow their commands in all shapes, in my assessment.

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Thanks, Bake’s Tiger. There don’t seem to be any dissenting opinions here. Maybe there won’t be as much table variation on this as I expect.

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