'Training Interface Modules' for Mecha?


Something I would LOVE to see with Mech Combat (but also something I know I don't have the skill to do): a version of the Training Interface Modules as seen in the Starship Operations Manual, but for Mechs instead.

For those who don't know what they are: In short: "A training interface module (or TIM) is an advanced computer combat simulator that enables a starship’s officer to apply their own training and expertise in starship combat. Each TIM is programmed to interface with both a specific class feature or feat as well as with a crew role; "

https://www.aonsrd.com/Starship_OtherSystems.aspx?ItemName=Training%20Inter face%20Module&Family=None

It just seems natural that such a thing would exists for Mechs as well (particularly the ones that can 'Transform.....and Roll Out ^_^) into Starships themselves.

A quick glance shows that some Class Special Abilities can probably used with Mecha with no modification, particularly some of the Soldier Fighting Styles.

Far as I know, though, there is nothing to allow a Weapon Solarian to apply the benefits he receives from a Weapon Crystal to Mecha attacks (probably the very first thing I would want if I were playing a Solarian Mecha Pilot).

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