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So, long story short, I find myself about to kick off a campaign for the family.
Can anyone suggest an adventure path or modules that are more kid-friendly? Ages are 11 and 9.

I can omit certain details or skip certain sections - more looking to avoid overall mature themes (Carrion Crown will give my kids nightmares, the ogres in Rise of the Runelords, etc)

I am also ok stitching together several unrelated books/modules, so any suggestions welcome!

Thanks for all your help!

We be Goblins modules.

As a relatively youngling myself the beginner box is perfect for new and young player

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Seconding we be goblins.

Stay away from Wrath of the righteous, Strange aeons, carrion crown.

Tyrants grasp 1rst part could be rewritten into something kid appropriate, by making the dead roads more whimsical, but it requires a fair bit of rewriting.

War for the Crown is quite nice, and one of my favorite Paizo AP's. While it can be played as a complex web of political intrigue, those aspects can be easily removed and kept simple with a quest-giver/objective structure where the players have a concrete list of goals that they have to fulfill. You can make it as complex or as simple as you want.

There are a handful of monsters that are too adult-themed for kids (nightmare fuel or sexual themes) but they can be easily replaced as they aren't central to the plot. Also one of the few campaigns where you can resolve most of the main conflicts peacefully without killing anyone.

Would definitely need to selectively censor/sanitize some details but skull & shackles is still basically a classic pirate adventure, and Mummy's Mask can have a bit of an Indiana Jones feel to it. Should be able to play many of its monsters as more fun-scary than nightmare-scary and//or make traps into puzzles.

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It's 3.5 and you might have to sanitize a couple bits, but the old Crown of the Kobold King (link) is a "save the (other) children" scenario than can be run for Young Characters with a little tweaking.

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I recommend stitching something together yourself. I have a lot of experience running RPGs for kids that age. I highly recommend the DMing Dad web site for this.

I've run three adventures from that list: Skeleton Dance, Dryad Needs a Home, and Troll Bridge. These are perfect for ages 9-11.

dmingdad has links to a bunch of other family-friendly RPG adventures.

I've found them very easy to adapt to whichever game system one is using.

P.s. First post in many years. I went to the Dark Side for a few years and am trying Pathfinder 1 again.

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I believe Kingmaker is pretty ok, even if the kingdom building parts would probably be glossed over for simplicity. It has a more classic theme and the fey are very prominent. The more "scary" part would be the lich on book 3.

I'm not well knowledgeable on the Ironfang Invasion AP, but it seems to be pretty tame as well, with also a classic feel ala LotR.

there are lists in the forums, try PFS.

Something interesting you could do:

First World Creature Template wrote:
a First World creature killed while on the First World does not travel to the Boneyard, but simply reappears elsewhere in the First World 1d10 days later as if raised by resurrection, save that the negative level and Constitution drain from that spell cannot force it below 1st level or a Constitution score of 1. At the GM's option, the creature may be reincarnated (as per reincarnate) instead.

Take that part of the First World Creature Template, and apply it to literally everything, even the PCs. Do not apply the rest of the template, just that part. Remove all forms of planar travel. Now run an AP or module, except it takes place on the First World.

Congrats, no more perma death.

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