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Hello everyone, I have a question about magical items that give natural attacks like the Cloak of the Manta Ray and the Helm of the Mammoth Lord, I'm a rogue if I use these items will I be able to do sneak attacks with the natural attacks that these items give? I thank the attention.

yes - as long as you would qualify for sneak attack otherwise.

the biggest problem will be your own party, not the magic items

Assuming you meet the requirements for a sneak attack, you can usually use any attack that requires an attack roll. Ranged sneak attacks normally have to be within 30 feet. There are some conditions that will negate your ability to make a sneak attack, but those don’t usually have anything to do with the attack used. You also cannot use a weapon that normally deals non-lethal damage to deal lethal damage with a sneak attack even if they take the -4 penalty.

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Note that if you add sneak attack damage only if the attack deals hp of damage.
If your natural attack deals negative levels, stats damage, or similar effects, the sneak attack damage is not added to them.

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