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Good afternoon.
I immediately apologize for my spelling.
Please tell me.
There is a rule "Brace":

A brace weapon is effective at damaging moving opponents. When you Ready to Strike an opponent that moves within your reach, until the start of your next turn Strikes with the brace weapon deal an additional 2 precision damage for each weapon damage die it has.

And there is a class feat "Lunge" (1 action):

Requirements You are wielding a melee weapon.
Extending your body to its limits, you attack an enemy that would normally be beyond your reach. Make a Strike with a melee weapon, increasing your reach by 5 feet for that Strike. If the weapon has the disarm, shove, or trip trait, you can use the corresponding action instead of a Strike.

If I get you right. Then by saying "Ready"

You prepare to use an action that will occur outside your turn. Choose a single action or free action you can use, and designate a trigger. Your turn then ends. If the trigger you designated occurs before the start of your next turn, you can use the chosen action as a reaction (provided you still meet the requirements to use it). You can’t Ready a free action that already has a trigger.

If you have a multiple attack penalty and your readied action is an attack action, your readied attack takes the multiple attack penalty you had at the time you used Ready. This is one of the few times the multiple attack penalty applies when it’s not your turn.

I can do Ready with Lunge, but can I apply Brace at this moment? I would like to apply, but in Brace I see Ready to Strike, and with Lunge it turns out I do Ready to Lunge, but Lunge it’s the Strike that does it.

By RAW you cannot use Lunge with Brace for the reason you mentioned – Readying a Strike is different from Readying a Lunge, and you cannot simply substitute the latter for the former in the conditional of the trait.

In a way, the fiction of bracing a weapon is also somewhat different from lunging with it. But balance-wise it should be no issue, it's not an unreasonable thing to ask your GM about.

It is sad.

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