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I recently created a leshy druid using the remastered rules (PFS 2E OP) and I have questions about the animal companion/familiar/pet. All three designations are included in the Player Core and may or may not be used interchangeably.

1) The racial feature "Leshy Familiar" says that I get a "plant or fungus familiar", but then as a druid, I get a "pet" which is a tiny animal companion. Are these intended to be the same creature or do I have 2 creatures?

2) Can I train it/them for specific tricks, like "come", "fetch", "hunt", etc?

3) The one I've chosen so far is a leshy (plant). Can I use the feat Train Animals on it or is there some other way to train it?

4) Do you train it using your downtime, similar to crafting items rather than earning money, or do you just "say" that you've trained it?



Familiars use the Pet rules, but have access to special abilities than normal pets don't. You can never have more than one pet or familiar; if you have the Pet feat, but then gain an ability that grants a Pet through that feat, then you immediately retrain the old Pet feat to another general feat.

Animal Companions are a different category of companion, so use different rules, and you may have a familiar or pet at the same time as an animal companion.

Both groups of creatures use the minion rules, which limits what kinds of actions they can take. You use the Command an Animal action to give them actions. Minions are considered to be loyal and obedient, so you don't need to make any checks to make them follow your commands, and there is no need for the Train Animal feat or for expending downtime on training.

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Leshy Familiar is a druid feat, not a leshy one.

Pets and Animal Companions are two different things, though a familiar is considered a special type of pet.

You can have one pet (including a familiar) and one companion (usually an animal companion, though there a few other types exist).
However, you don't. It's possible to have both, but a first-level leshy druid isn't going to.

Verify which feats you have and what your Druid Order is. If you're an Animal Order druid, you get a young animal companion. Most young animal companions start out Small, not Tiny, though a few are bigger. Companions fight with you.
If you're a Leaf Order druid, you have a Leshy Familiar. You probably won't use your familiar directly in combat, but it will either have useful special abilities or grant them to you.
At second level, you can take the Order Explorer feat to pick up the second option if you'd like. This combination is how you can get an arboreal sapling (an "animal" companion that is actually a plant creature), though you can still choose a different animal if you'd prefer.

Note that in PFS there's a rule that you should only have two pawns. Minions who usually stay in your space during combat (such as most familiars will, since they're generally noncombatants) don't count against the limit.

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