Secrets of Magic (PF1 with Advanced d20 Magic)


Cheliax is an empire in Decline. After being conquered by the Thrice Damned House of Thrune after a bloody civil war, the nation has certainly changed in the last hundred years. It's generally known as the nation where people consort with devils and demons. In the Secrets of Magic campaign, player characters play in a campaign where they seek after magical secrets.

I really want to run a campaign using Advanced d20 Magic or Dynamic Spellcasting. I also wanted to run a campaign set in Cheliax. It's about as close to Gor as someone's going to get.

Campaign Dynamics
* This campaign is Mature. Slaves, demonic pacts, and other things normally taboo happens in Cheliax. If you can't handle slavery or consorting with devils or demons, I suggest you pass on this campaign.

* This Campaign uses the Dynamic Spellcasting system from Advanced d20 Magic. Unfortunately, this book is rare and not available to buy from Drivethru. So you have to download it second hand. The book is so rare that it costs $100.00 to buy from Noble Knight or This is not the only third party book we will be using.

* This campaign uses More Magic and Mayhem from the World of Warcraft roleplaying game. Some of the spells from More Magic and Mayhem have been converted for use for this campaign. Like firebolt and shadowbolt.

* Advanced d20 Magic and More Magic and Mayhem are the only third party books we will be using.

* First Party Materials. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Inner Sea Magic, Advanced Player's Guide (note that the magic using classes will have to be converted to Advanced d20 Magic), Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, and other hardbacks and splatbooks can be used. Remember, magic using classes will have to be converted to Advanced d20 Magic's magic system before approval.


Other Considerations for Secrets of Magic
* No elephant in the room -- no the world is square. I'd rather keep this close to the core rules as possible. (except for Dynamic Spellcasting, which is a major change in and of itself).

* Races: Core races -- yes. Tieflings and Aasimar -- yes. Drow -- no. Skinwalkers -- no. Changelings -- no. Orcs -- yes. Goblins -- no. Beast races (Tengu, Vanara, Catfolk, Kitsune, etc.) -- yes. Other races -- no. See the Advanced Race Guide and the various splatbooks (aka. Blood of the Beast) for information.

Character Background
One can use Ultimate Campaign to figure out your background. Although, if you are feeling adventurous, you can use Central Casting: Heroes of Legend by Paul Jacquays to round out your character. Heroes of Legend also has to be downloaded second hand. It's also dated, but the results are amazing.

Contact Information
If you need to contact me and chat outside of the boards, here is my email.
:: elton[dot]atlantean8[at]gmail[dot]com

What starting level GM?

GM_Panic wrote:
What starting level GM?

Level 3.

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