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If you are interested in learning more information, please visit my Warhorn page and register. I will then send you the information needed to build a character.

I am launching a new campaign in January 2024. The first session is on January 15th, 2024. We use Roll20 for the VTT and Discord for audio.

This is my second campaign set in Glorantha using customized 2nd Edition Pathfinder rules; the first campaign is completing this month with 20th level characters.

We will be using the Remastered Second Edition Pathfinder Rules (i.e., Pathfinder Player Core, Pathfinder GM Core) along with 2nd edition rulebooks. Hopefully, Archives of Nethys will be updated with the remastered rules soon.

My current plan is to have a total of approximately 20 players spread across 4 sessions with a new scenario every two weeks. Players are allowed to switch from time slot to time slot if that helps them. I'm currently planning on the four following time slots. These aren't necessarily set in stone, but I've found it best to propose several slots and work from there.
Monday at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern (first session on January 15, 2024)
Thursday at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern (first session on January 18, 2024)
Saturday at Noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern (first session on January 20, 2024)
Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern (first session on January 24, 2024)

This campaign is intended to run for around 20 sessions and will take the PCs to 7th or 8th level.


This version of Discovering Glorantha is a hybrid version taking the remastered rules of Pathfinder Player Core and combining them with Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook and other Pathfinder rulebooks. The remastered rules of Pathfinder Player Core and Pathfinder GM Core take precedence in conflicts with any other Pathfinder books.

These rules are further modified to exploring the world of Glorantha (created by Greg Stafford). There are several key differences between traditional Fantasy Role-Playing Games (FRPGs) and Discovering Glorantha.

Gods of Glorantha: Worshipping one or more gods is integral to every sentient being on Glorantha. In most FRPGs, worshipping a god is typically no more than a role-playing hook (excepting for clerics and champions). In Discovering Glorantha, selecting a god to worship affects how every character interacts with the world. All PCs need to consider their god’s Edicts and Anathema. Think of the ancient Greek myths and how individuals worshipped gods that supported their role in life.

Everyone uses magic: All characters cast basic magic spells known as Spirit Magic. Additionally, every character casts divine magic known as Rune Magic. The character’s spell selection is strongly influenced by the god that the character worships. If you wish to focus more on spellcasting, you can take a spellcasting archetype starting at 1st level. All characters also have access to Focus Spells, Armor and Weapon Property Runes, and Rune Gifts related to the runes you selected during character creation.

Culture and Religion: A major focus of Gloranthan campaigns is the interaction of cultures and religion. In most FRPGs, a majority of plots involve defeating rampaging monsters or evil villains attempting to conquer or destroy nations. In Glorantha, the opposition largely consists of opposing nations and cultures; the opposition may merely have a different point-of-view.

Alignment: Characters do not have an alignment. This comes from Glorantha but is also consistent with the Remastered Pathfinder rules eliminating alignment. The ever-present threat of Chaos threatens to bring down civilization and no right-thinking person will consort with Chaos.

Darkness: Darkness is dangerous. Most PCs won’t have innate Darkvision; some ancestries (e.g., troll) do have innate Darkvision. The Darkvision spell has limited availability. The Light cantrip is only available to spellcasting archetypes and only if they take Cantrip Expansion. In general, you will need torches when exploring caverns and other underground areas.

Literacy: Most people in Glorantha are unable to read or write. Characters may learn to read and write any languages they speak by taking the Literacy feat. This includes characters that use Formula or Spell Books; the notations used by those characters do not include the learning required to obtain general literacy.

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