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Hello folks, i was making a new Wizard character checking my options from both legacy and remaster content but Staff Nexus seem to be... non-functional as written in both versions? I looked up and low and couldn't find a conclusive answer so that's why i came to ask my questions here which are as follows:

1) What happens if your makeshift staff is destroyed or stolen? There isn't any line of word like there is for Inventor Inventions to replace it, so you are just left class featureless if that happens?

2) From what i read and understand you don't need Magical Crafting feat to upgrade your staff but still need the Crafting skill because of the crafting rules. That's good and all but can you upgrade your staff to one type only once? What if i upgraded my staff to Staff of Fire but later i want to change it to let's say... Spellstriker Staff. What happens then? I just pay for materials, craft check and be done by losing previous "version's" gold (can't sell i am assuming) unless it is an upgradeable one?

These questions bothered me a lot and i couldn't find anything in the books. My group tries to play as close to RAW as possible so it is important that i know these things before playing because i don't want to lag or bother my GM when these things occur.

I am aware that there is a work around to these issues by simply retraining to another thesis and back but that is just... silly to say the least.

Thank you to everybody who replied in advance. :)

Ryuna wrote:
My group tries to play as close to RAW as possible

The First Rule is RAW.

I'm not aware of any official answers to those questions either.

If it was my group, I would propose that the Wizard can use a bit of downtime to de-attune from their current custom staff and create a new one out of a broomstick. Which can be combined with the process of crafting their new custom staff into a new upgraded staff. The previous custom staff - if it has not been upgraded to an actual staff would become a stick, and if it has been upgraded to an actual staff it would become a standard staff of that type.

Yes there are some edge cases in that that could be exploited by the Wizard player. But just don't do those exploits.

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Finoan wrote:
I'm not aware of any official answers to those questions either.

That's what i figured...

Thank you for chiming in with how you would rule as well it is what i would do in a similar situation too if i was the GM.

I won't use them but they are extremely silly and it amazes me they glossed over it while they go into minute details on other things so people won't break them. :p

Oh well, it is what it is.

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