Kobold Snare Setter Build


So, I LOVE racial archetypes(when reasonable) so when I was thinking about a rogue to fill a party niche, I gravitated a bit towards kobolds, and their special archetype. Which doesn't LOOK bad in my opinion, just limited use since players often don't use or care about traps. So I'll outline what I'm thinking below, but otherwise, any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Name: Sniv
Race: Kobold(blue-scaled)
Class: Unchained Rogue(Snare setter racial archetype)

Starting Level: 10
Starting gold: 62,000 gp
Stats: DM is doing a weird system of: Minimum 3, max 18 before racials, Psuedo point-buy, where 18 points into strength costs 18 points. No typical scaling. Up to 80 points total.

I picked Blue scaled kobold for flavoring and because it matched the archetype. As Snare setter gets ranger traps, but use int mod instead of wisdom for it. And blue scaled kobolds are: "Blue kobolds are orderly and neat, and tend to hatch complex schemes. While they plan brutally effective ambushes and traps, they do not excel at improvisation, and may falter if their plans go awry."

- Small size: For that +1 AC, +1 attack, and +4 stealth, at the cost of melee fighty bonuuses.
- Stats: Greater weakness at -4 strength, -2 con, and +2 dex.... Which REALLY sets them up to be dex-based, or ranged-based combatants. Making archer-type rogue more fitting.
- +1 natural armor

- +2 to craft (traps)(important later), Perception, and Profession (Miner)
- Craft(trapmaking) and Stealth are always class skills
- Darkvision 60ft, but Light Sensativity.(not too bad at just -1 for attacks and perception in daylight/bright light.

-Favored class bonus: +1/2 to AC bonus of Trap sense(replaced, but with a near identical ability, DM should allow this to apply to that)

Class: Unchained Rogue
At level 10 we are looking at....

Trapper: Learn Ranger Trapsas a bonus feat, using Int mod instead of wisdom, and starting with tripwire.
Trapsmithing: Replaces Trapfinding with the same, but instead of disable device, the bonus goes to craft traps, and you can use craft traps as disable device, for traps.(including magic)
Finesse Training: Dex to attack with finesse weapons, and total 3 weapons as you level to add dex to damage for. Probably would pick dagger, or a shortsword etc, as their emergency melee option for this.

Evasion: As usual, reflex for 1/2 dmg, on success means no damage.
Rogue talents: Not gonna cover here, but below.

Deadly Traps: Missing sneak attack damage goes here, as damaging traps(including bear traps, ranger traps, etc, gain +1d6 dmg at 3rd and every 4th lv after that, maxing at 5d6 at 19th.
Danger Sense: +1 on dodge, and reflex vs traps, and perception to avoid being surprised, and increases +1 per 3 levels.

Debilitating Injury: When causing sneak attack damage, you can pick from a number of penalties to apply to the enemy for 1 round. -AC vs your attacks, -attack against you, or -movement speed.
-Uncanny Dodge: Cannot be flat footed, no -dex if fighting something invisible, the usual.

Reduced sneak attack from archetpye: +1d6 at 5th, and 1 more every 4 levels after, maxing at 4d6 at 17th.
Rogues Edge: Skill unlocks every 5 levels. I am thinking of Perception/Stealth, as both rather useful abilties for rogues, characters in general and archers too.

-Improved Uncanny Dodge: Now, can no longer be flanked.(except by higher level rogues)

-Advanced Talents: Gain access to better talents, as before, covered below.

In the future:
Lv 20: Master snare setter, attach a rogue master strike effect to a trap you make, adding a fort save or the effect of the strike ontop of the trap's usual effects/damage. May only have 1 of these at a time.

Looking at maxing Dex, overcoming most of the penalties to my racial penalties to str and con, and then putting points into int.

F1 Point Blank shot: +1 atk/dmg for ranged attacks in 30ft
T2 Cunning Trigger: Swift action to trigger any trap you made that's in 30ft.
F3 Precise shot: No -4 for shooting into melee
T4 Superior sniper(expert sniper feat): -10 on sniping penalties(with kobold sniper, it's 0 penalty)
F5 Rapid Shot

T6 Camoflage: 1/day 1 min to make foilage camoflage, that gives +4 stealth pretty much all day.
F7 Multi Shot
T8 Sniper's Eye: Can sneak attack enemies with partial cover, or partial concealment.
F9 Kobold Sniper
AT10 Unsure

Additional Considerations
I am not MARRIED to being an archer, but it would make sense given the -4 strength and -2 con that kobolds have to deal with. So if there is a better snare setter or kobold-themed rogue that's melee, I'm more than willing to hear it.

I was thinking about Empty Quiver style to be a kinda Switch hitter, With a ranged focus.
Or Kobold style to take advantage of sneak attack if I do regular Unrogue over snare setter....
More talents to consider: Gloom and greater gloom magic to aid sneak attacks/escape/ensuring they don't see your traps, Quick Trapsmith to quickly place traps, making them somewhat more viable....

I have also heard about using smoke resistant racial traitand the equipment trick: smoke sticks for cover, or using Daggermark poisoner to make a poisoned trap with no save that deals 1d2 con dmg for 6 rounds. But I haven't checked to see the wording on it, or if it is viable.

In any case, thank you for your time!

So, I ended up doing the following, but I did find some other fun stuff to potentially make the trap build fun.

Name: Sniv
Race: Kobold(blue-scaled)
Class: Unchained Rogue(Snare setter racial archetype)

Level: 12
Stats: Dex first, then INT, I have 20 and 18 before magic items.

Kobold: Blue scaled
Small Size: +1 AC/Attack, +4 Stealth, -1 CMB/CMD
Prehensile tail(swapped from +1 nat armor): +2 acrobatics/Climb, and allows you to draw a hidden item as a move instead of standard(also may allow you to hold things if DM allows)
Darkvision 60ft
Light Sensitivity: -1 Perception/Atk in bright light.
+2 Craft (traps), Perception, Profession Miner, Craft (traps) and stealth are class skills.
Favored class bonus: +1/2 to AC bonus of Trap sense

-----Class: Unchained Rogue-----
Trapper: +Ranger Traps, Int instead of Wis, and +Tripwire for free(save vs trip)
Trap Smithing: Modified Trapfinding.
Evasion: As usual.

Deadly Traps: +1-5 d6's to trap damage if the trap deals damage.
Danger Sense: As usual, bonuses vs traps.
Debilitating Injury: As usual, sneak attacks let you pick 1 of 3 debuffs.

Uncanny Dodge:As usual.
Sneak Attack: As usual, but only 1-4 d6's instead of up to 10d6.
Rogues Edge: As usual, in order: Perception, Stealth, Craft, (whatever really at 20th)

Improved Uncanny Dodge: Us usual.

-----THE BUILD-----
-Elaborate Trapper: If you make 5+ over a craft DC to make a trap, +2 DC to disable.
- Smoke Resistant: Allows you to see through nonmagical smoke as if it wasn't there.
- Reactionary: +2 initiative
- Drawback: Power-hungry: -2 on will saves vs charm/compulsions if offered wealth or power
(Avarice is also thematic, but most groups won't like you taking 10% more treasure than them.)

F1 Point Blank shot: +1 atk/dmg for ranged attacks in 30ft
T2 Cunning Trigger: Swift action to trigger any trap you made that's in 30ft.(pairs with Trapper's Setup)
F3 Precise shot: No -4 for shooting into melee
T4 Superior sniper(expert sniper feat): -10 on sniping penalties(with Kobold sniper, it's 0 penalty)
F5 Kobold Sniper: -10 on Sniping penalty.

T6 Camouflage: 1/day 1 min to make foliage camouflage, that gives +4 stealth pretty much all day, and with a lenient DM, allows you to repeatedly snipe from camouflaged cover without needing hide in plain sight etc.
F7 Rapid Shot: extra attacks at -2 penalty.
T8 Trap Spotter: Dm makes a check for you when in 10ft of a trap.
F9 Master Sniper: Allows 2 shots when sniping.
T10 Advanced Rogue Talent: See in Darkness: See in darkness as if it was daylight, including supernatural darkness

F11 Extra Rogue Talent: Quick Trapsmith: Set up a trap (CR=1/2 lv) as a full round action.
T12 Advanced Rogue Talent: Double Debilitation: Pick 2 of your 3 debilitation's to apply each sneak attack. I like -AC and -Attack.

Not all-encompassing, but some fun stuff I'm using or looking to use.
- Secure Paypack(or other extradimensional Storage): 2x the cost of handy haversack, but it's handy haversack with a few bonuses, especially good for the greedy to hide their gems and coins.
- Efficient Quiver: As an archer, it's handy, but DM's I know typically let you use the "Same size and shape" text in it to let you store wands, staves, and other useful items as needed.
- Pathfinder Pouch: A MUCH smaller extradimensional storage, but doesn't detect as magic, and allows you to REALLY keep loot/documents/etc hidden.

Otherwise, it's some basic items, the main magic items like Cloak of resistance, Belt of Dex, headband of Int, etc. Though there are some interesting alternate options, like belt of the weasel. Those of fun note are sleeves of many garments, traveler's anytool, robe of infinite twine(for trap making and utility), boots of springing and striding, and a quickrunner's shirt. Really want to lean into the mobility of the character as a stealthy/squishy type scout.

Weapon: I went with a Mithral/Darkwood Greater transformative weapon, as darkwood and Mithral are somewhat comparable in what they do, so transformative uses the appropriate material, Darkwood Quarterstaff/shortbow with a mithral string/augments, or a Mithral Dagger/Shortsword with Darkwood handles/sheath. I also added Sniping, which grants a +5/10/15 to stealth after sniping. Mix in Kobold Sniper/Superiour Sniper, and you get a net Bonus to stealth after sniping instead of a -20.

Armor: There is a LOT of options here, but to start, I went with Darkleaf Cloth leather armor for a +8 max dex. But you may want to consider Just cloth armor if you Dex is higher. I also added several fun enchantments, Shadow Blending gives 40% miss chance if in the dark(50% if shadow enchanted), Shadow enchant for the previous and a +5/10/15 to stealth, Trackless for +5 to stealth and -5 to track you, Comfort so you are treated as hot or cold weather clothes, Restful so you only sleep 2 hours, and as if you slept in a bed. And Glammered, to make the leather armor just look like clothes to seem less conspicuous.

Other items:
Traps in general are VERY meh, the best options that I've seen are caltrops(not a trap, but useful), Ball bearings(Equally not a trap, but useful), and Bear traps, in their default, Offset jaws, and Serrated jaws forms. They are mostly cheap at 2gp, 3gp, and 1800gp. The saves are really high for the price, they are just heavy. You can also use an immovable rod to stake the bear traps down if you feel so inclined and don't have time or don't wanna make noise with pitons and your anytool.

Alternatively, there are some other traps that could be fun. Like: Insidious Bear Trap: 6,300gp but can, on command, Open, snap closed, or reset. And 1/day can be made invisible for up to 5 hours, granting a +40 to the Perception DC and Disable device DC, and can also 1/day be set with an audible or mental alarm, as the alarm spell. It can ALSO be set with a password on setting up, allowing creature that say it to pass through without triggering the trap. If you can modify this with special materials like Adamantine or Cold Iron etc, and/or swap the default bear trap to the sawtooth or offset jaws types, you would be SET with just a couple of these.

Then there's the Trapmaker's sack, which can 1/day make any trap CR 4 or less and magically set it up, though you still need to make the craft check. This includes Pitfalls with green slime, wall scythe traps etc. And the best part is that they just EXIST there now, no more cost to you, and permanently.

There's a Trap stealer's Rod, which is a +4 bonus magic crowbar, and can turn into masterwork lockpicks. If used to disable a trap, and you beat the DC by 5+, then once a day, you can "Steal" that trap for up to 24 hours, placing it somewhere else.

Then there's things like the Stone of Alarm, which is a little expensive at 2,700 gp, but command word fixes itself to something, and those that don't speak the command word and touch it have it screech an alarm head up to 1/4 mile away. This can be useful for critical items you want to keep track of, or a trapped item in your handy haversack etc. Or even more fun, place it onto the pressure plate of your Insidious Bear trap.

----- Feats and Spells-----
There are a couple of feats that could work for traps, unfortunately, not all of them are particularly good, but I'll list my favorites I want to take in the future here, and some spells to get a friendly caster to cast for you, or use custom magic item crafting to get 1/day etc command word wondrous items if your DM allows.
- Expansive Trap Ability: Only affects the ranger traps or landmines(no real other mentions of landmines that I can find though....), but lets them trigger in 4 squares instead of 1, though the effect only triggers in 1 5ft square.
- Ability Focus: Arguable if this functions on your traps, but ask your DM. A +1 on DC's should include Save DC's, Perception, and disable device. So only attack roll traps are less affected by this.
- Deadly Trap: Traps you set up can have +1 crit multiplier(usually to 3x), or gain a +4 to confirm crits.
- Trapper's Setup: Traps you manually set off get +2 to trap attacks or the save DC. Stacks with improve Trap spell below. Cunning trigger Rogue talent should also allow you to "manually" trigger the traps while stealthed, as a swift action, up to 30ft away(where you wanna be for ranged sneak attack anyway.)

- Improve Trap: Level 2-3 spell that permanently gives a trap(like your bear traps) one of the following, if cast again, it replaces the old bonus with the new one: +5 Perception DC, +5 Disable Device DC, or +2 attack or Save DC.
- Undetectable Trap: Level 2-3 spell for days/lv that Make the trap undetectable by Detect magic/find traps, prevents the auto-check from find traps, and add 1/2 CL to the DC of creatures without trapfinding to perception it. Only downside is the 50gp material component, but if you can make the custom magic item to cast it and bypass this need, or have something like blood money, this could be used MUCH more often.
- Unseen Engineers: Level 2-3 spell that has material cost of the components of a trap, and you summon them to make a mechanical trap for you with a +5 bonus, MUCH faster than it would normally take.

I will not be covering the various trap spells, as these likely aren't affected by your other abilities and you have limited methods of effectively casting them anyway.

And the last fun thing to note, if the potential if you wanted, to build into Fiendish Obedience with "Andirifkhu" The CE Demon lord/Kobold pantheon deity of knives, illusions, and traps. While the obedience is kinda harsh to perform, (torturing creatures every day) You get some FUN abiltiies, from +2d6 sneak attack, to extra bleed damage on slashing damage dealt, to a 1/day empowered blade barrier that you are immune to. But my favorite is taking the Obedience feat to select from other trees, and taking the Sentinel "Killing Machine" ability, that lets you turn yourself into a trap.

-----The end-----

So far, the build is: Camouflage with netting or the camo ability and the like, stealth ahead to scout, rendezvous with the party after marking appropriate things(if you can), build a plan of attack, then stealth ahead to place traps as you are able, and lure enemies into Bear traps/ranger traps/ball bearings/entangling nets etc, and with allies knowing where they are, should be able to enjoy enemies that can't flee(if the traps are staked down), are prone, or otherwise entangled and the like. You stay stealthed while they fight and shoot 1-2 times with sneak attack to apply debilitating attack debuffs as you feel the party needs. And worst case scenario, true sight or high perception foes can still be caught unaware with prehensile tail grabbing a smokestick or other smoke-producing tool to obscure you.

As before, if anyone has any feedback or suggestions, please let me know!

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