Curse of Death focus spell only finishes only when the Witch stop to sustain it?

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I was seeing a Nonat video today of deep dive into new Witch classe and when he was talking about Curse of Death I notice a little change in the Curse of Death text:

Pre-remaster text wrote:
Curse of Death (curse) This curse ends immediately when the spell ends;
Remaster text wrote:
Curse of Death (curse) This curse ends immediately when the spell ends;

I was thinking the removal of the term immediately could be mean that now the spell only ends when its no more sustained?

The base that I using to this is that any affliction ends when you goes bellow the stage 1 (I don't have the remaster yet and the AoN still not updated in the moment of this post so I don't know if the affliction text get some change).

Source Core Rulebook pg. 458 4.0 - Stages wrote:
... If the affliction’s stage is ever reduced below stage 1, the affliction ends and you don’t need to attempt further saves unless you’re exposed to the affliction again.

But we also know that specifics overrides the general rules.

Source Core Rulebook pg. 443 4.0 - Specific Overrides General wrote:
A core principle of Pathfinder is that specific rules override general ones. If two rules conflict, the more specific one takes precedence. If there’s still ambiguity, the GM determines which rule to use. For example, the rules state that when attacking a concealed creature, you must attempt a DC 5 flat check to determine if you hit. Flat checks don’t benefit from modifiers, bonuses, or penalties, but an ability that’s specifically designed to overcome concealment might override and alter this. If a rule doesn’t specify otherwise, default to the general rules presented in this chapter. While some special rules may also state the normal rules to provide context, you should always default to the normal rules even if effects don’t specifically say to.

So I'm probably exaggerating into the interpretation but the term "This curse ends when the spell ends" may override the normal success save into the curse Stage 1 ending the spell? Basically keeping the curse active while you sustain the spell or this will only valid if the text specifically says "you cannot reduce the Stage to bellow than 1" but if the text just appends to the normal duration the same cannot be said that the lack of "additionally to normal" or something like in order to keep the original rules instead of override it? Specially after the removal of the term immediately that in pre-remaster put implicitly that the default rules are valid but without it this it is no more necessarily true.

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In my opinion you overthink it.

Curses tend to be permanent. So this is a very specific curse as it also ends when the spell ends. Having nothing stating that the curse can't get below Stage 1, I wouldn't consider this is implied by the sentence "This curse ends when the spell ends;"

And immediately was just redundant to me. So it's just word count gain.

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Correct. If the target succeeds at the save often enough to reduce the stage of the affliction to zero, the affliction's effect would no longer cause any harm, but the Witch could continue sustaining the spell for no practical effect.

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