How do attachments count for feats?

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can I double slice if I'm wielding a sword and a dueling pistol with a bayonet? Does wielding only a dueling pistol with a bayonet count for dueling parry? As far as as what makes sense to me I'm only wielding one weapon but it's both the melee and ranged profiles, but I can't tell.
similarly for combination weapons, do I only count as wielding its current configuration or do I count as wielding both at once?

I would probably allow both of those scenarios. But that is just me. You would have to talk to your GM to get a ruling for your character. The rules on Double Slice and Dueling Parry are not precise enough with regards to attached weapons.

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Sword and bayonet? Yes. Pistol/bayonet and empty for parry? Yes.
Combination is different, I’d say it counts as how it’s wielded at the time.

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