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Laclale♪ wrote:

Sorry for late-ask, but:

Gadget specialist is missing temporal gadget's level shenanigans and needs clarification.
HammerJack wrote:
Gadget Specialist refers to Craft.
HammerJack wrote:
None of the thing the craft check is for are relevant woth this ability.

Similar happened in remastered Cauldron feat which absorbed Temporary Potions feat without this line.

Temporary Potions wrote:
These items follow the normal rules to Craft them, except for the time they take, with some additional restrictions. (They must both be the same type of oil or potion, and) their level must be 6 or more levels lower than your level.

Normal rules of craft said level is up to crafter's level and included Crafting check.

Will Contingency Gadgets needs craft check, too? (Rolling for temporal item is so annoying, so bypassing with assurance, tho...)

Alex Speidel wrote:
These are design questions, not PFS questions.

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