[PF1][PFS] #5-02: The Wardstone Patrol [3-7] with GM Rutseg - Recruitment


#5-02: The Wardstone Patrol [3-7]

This will be run as a standalone adventure that might appeal to players with interest in the Worldwound, be part of a military structure, fight the demons or just have some society play fun.

This is not a first come, first served recruitment, do not be set back by an apparently full table.

All-out war has erupted on the long-contested border between the crusader nation of Mendev and the demon-infested Worldwound. With the magical defenses that once held the demons at bay failing, defense of the region now falls to small patrols of mobile soldiers to resupply, reinforce, and communicate between the border's many fortresses and outposts. With so much at stake, the Pathfinder Society has enlisted many of its agents to assist in the war effort, both to protect its own interests and to prevent the onrushing tide of demonic attackers from plunging the entire Inner Sea region into chaos. On one such wardstone patrol, however, the party may find itself facing an enemy of an entirely different nature.

Written by Alex Greenshields.

Seating I will choose 4 players (5 exceptionally), giving priority to people who has had less chances to play PbP, who have GMed for me in the past and who has a history of interacting with other PCs and roleplaying their character.

Start Date 16th of December 2023 (I will start earlier if I am satisfied with the table recruitment earlier, so in case of doubt, please show interest.)

Posting frequency: At least 1 post every 2 days. This is what I require from players in order to maintain a pace that keeps the interest of everyone. Usually, I post more often daily, and will probably go ahead if a day has passed and everyone else has already posted though.

Core/Normal: Will depend on the general interest. Please state what characters would you play depending on mode.

Pregens: I will accept pregens, but I prefer self-made characters with an interesting personality or background.

GMing style: I make passive rolls, as Perception, Initiative or Saves. GM bots may happen, but more usually I skip the player turn and give you an extra round of actions for when you are able to post. I like a mixture of roleplaying and combat, and my favorite adventures are when players interact with each other and create inter-party dynamics. My games do not play in easy mode, monsters play their abilities to their fullest and as close to the adventure scripted tactics as it makes sense, but I try to make it fair and have rarely seen a PC death at my table. I have run plenty of adventures successfully in these boards (list here).

Mapping tools: You are expected to have access to view (and preferably edit) Google Slides maps.

Player responsiveness: I expect you to have initiative as a player, pushing the game to explore and interact, not just reacting to the GM initiative rolling and direct questions for what is next.

Do not be shy if you have little or no PbP experience. PFS Scenarios are a good place to start!

Welcome everyone!

Silver Crusade

Player name: Colin
PFS # 2411798-6
Character: Furen E Lustario
Undine Cleric of Abadar 3 Melee support
Faction: Silver Crusade

Travelled far and wide, Furen have visited many banks and temples of Abadar throughout the Inner Sea. She joined the Pathfinder Society to fund her journey, and to better help those in need. She's is at math or things people usually learn in an academy, which is why she's a travelling cleric instead of a priest in one of the Abadar's bank.

I've both played and GMed this scenario, so I will be happy to give up my seat for other to enjoy.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If you run Standard, I'd like to play Rhu Entekh, tiefling zen archer/5 in search of--if not inner peace, at least a lack of inner rage.

If you run Core, I'd like to play Salvio Perovsky, human universalist wizard/4 who's a little bit (OK, a lot) of a shut-in and scholar. He's only played twice and has lots of GM credit.

I have neither played nor GMed this scenario before. Although I have several games active on the boards, I'm running half of them.

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Thanks for offering! I haven't played this one before. I have two Standard characters that could fit:

If we went low subtier, I'd suggest Nistivo Cirek, my Level 3 Prophet of Kalistrade. He's a clean-freak who's always looking for an angle to make money. And, although he doesn't know it, when he takes damage he turns into a fearsome beast! (bloodrager with the shapeshifter bloodline)

If we went high subtier, I'd suggest Makras Vekker, my Level 7 Oracle of Groetus. He's always prophesying death and doom (and because it's Pathfinder, he's never wrong!). He's a habitual drunk, rarely bathes, and has a tongue as filthy as his armpit. He'd probably fit right in to the Worldwound . . .

Grand Lodge

i'm in..have lots of options in both tiers...

Scarab Sages

Hi, I've played this one, many years ago, and seem to recall it being good. Would like a chance to play again, especially in core.

For core, I would play Chaucair, a 7th level bard. Mostly an orator, he follows Pharasma, so if you need a great eulogy, look no further. I have other options for low tier.

In regular, I would play Zubb Zubb, the Tengu Shaman. Level 5, so works in either tier. Known to give good Combat Advice, and I try not to just spam Slumber.

Weirdly, both characters are old school Scarab Sages.

I'm interested.

Got a 4th level nature oracle or a 6th level skald if normal, depending on which level range you want to run.

I have a 4th level fighter and a 7th level un-minimaxed druid (i.e. low power) druid in core.

Sovereign Court

Player name:Torilgrey
Character Andrelis Lethian
Rogue (Unchained)- Scout, skills and diplomacy
FactionSovereign Court

The Concordance

I've got couple Core characters but would prefer to play this fully.
I''ve got Vine Leshy! And surprisingly never GM neither played this scenario. And I've got 5 stars...
So, I'd join is a spot avaliable!

Player Name: [/b] Shtorm [/b]

PFS number: 157437-13
Character: I am Greet!
Faction: Concordance

Vine leshy Shaman - 7 with a Pseudodragon familiar aka Skyrocket!

Scarab Sages

@Greet if you want to play your shaman, I can select a different character so we don't have two of the same class applying at the same time.

I am interested, too.

For CORE I have a level 3 halfling bard.

For Standard I have a few characters available. The barbarian can play either tier, the rest is lower tier.

melee frontliner:
- dwarf barbarian 5 (with UMD!)
- dwarf unch. monk 2 / cleric 1 (self-enlarge)
- human paladin 3 (diplomacy and intimidate)

arcane caster:
- elf wizard 3 (knowledges, spellcraft, linguistics, UMD)

Sovereign Court

Core is fine, I thing Lady A here should just scrape in.

01: Player name: GM Panic
02: Character name: Lady Alya De-Qill
03: PFS#: 27215-2
04: Faction: Sovereign Court
05: Race,Class and Level: Elf Investigator - Psychic Detective [L3]
06: Day Job: Profession(Law Enforcement): [1d20+8]
07: PP 8/10 [0][+2][+2][+2][+2][+2][Spent 2 on wand of CLW]
08: EX 8 = L3 [2+2+1+1+1+1]
09: [Sovereign Court: 8]
10: [Fame: 8]

Grand Lodge

i dont have any core toons...just fyi...

I have many that are in that range:

7L: Phosdlon (Warpriest(archer primary))*;
Glorne (Hydrokineticist(cold)*;

4L: Amerel (Unchained Rogue);
Thorur Grundur (Fighter);
Andy Applebottom (Bard)*.

1-3L: 5 characters.


Hannar the Wild (5L: Sorcerer)*;
Backside (4L Fighter)

Note: *=Favored, but will play any of them.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Boy this is getting crowded...

Anyway, I would sincerely like to participate.

I would use my lvl 3, unchained Rogue, Tanbu for standard low tier.

High tier, I would need to use a pregen, probably Seelah. I have several 5th lvl folks but none 6 to 7.

Core, I would use my lvl 4 cleric of Erastal, Lybram.

Again high tier i would use a pregen. Probably Seelah. I have a 5th level wizard, Farlen.

I appreciate the consideration.

Ummm...my 4L Core Fighter's name is Bacleive. Not sure why that was auto-corrected.

Grand Lodge

for high tier, I have a lvl 6 sorc a lvl 6 slayer and a lvl 7 swashbuckler. low tier i have a lvl 3 archer and a lvl 3 slayer. i have a lvl 5 cleric that can go into either comfortably.

dotting to keep this at the top of my posts.

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It feels pretty good to see there is still solid interest on 1st edition play :)

I am still not ready to go through and close the recruitment, most probably that will happen by next Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience.

kaervek78 wrote:

I am interested, too.

For CORE I have a level 3 halfling bard.

For Standard I have a few characters available. The barbarian can play either tier, the rest is lower tier.

melee frontliner:
- dwarf barbarian 5 (with UMD!)
- dwarf unch. monk 2 / cleric 1 (self-enlarge)
- human paladin 3 (diplomacy and intimidate)

arcane caster:
- elf wizard 3 (knowledges, spellcraft, linguistics, UMD)


As two of my characters were accepted in the recruitment of other games, I will withdraw from this recruitment to give other players a higher chance to play this scenario.

Have a great game, everyone! :-)

Silver Crusade

I'm trying to see if I have a replay if another PC is needed.

Silver Crusade

Shadow Dragon wrote:
I'm trying to see if I have a replay if another PC is needed.

Nevermind I don't have any replays.

Did I miss the results? Who was chosen and what levels?

The recruitment is closed now.

I kept it open for a while in case someone would miss the call. Sorry I could not pick everyone.

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