Herolab's new interface and the background nerf

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Just looked over a couple characters with the new interface that Herolab launched, and it seems to have broken background's way of chosing skills/feats.

Seems any checks you made when the character was made before the new interface came in is just gone. If you upgraded one to higher teirs, that is also gone, and won't come back when you select the skill again using the background tabs instead of being able to check it on the skills tab.

Will have to remake every single character from scratch if I am to keep using Herolab, and that means I will have to convert every character to the new errata to "fix" the broken UI that was introduced.

Thanks, guys.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to post this over on the hero lab forums?

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They are down at the moment.

Looking at other characters, it seems to be something that is changed on character creation and the older characters didn't adjust to the UI change.

Lemtwist Bratham Mallentwine Flannelfoot Smith Olgen Jeebs Nathers Bingham (Sr) had Fortune Telling Lore as his choice in his background, and later took Unmistakable Lore, which needed Expert in the lore chosen. I lost the tick for the expert for that lore.

Not sure how to correct it except to redo the entire character.

If I do that now, I have to use the remaster rules as the new UI is set to that standard.

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Yeah, better yet, you should send them an email. I just checked my Account and I'm actually not seeing what you're talking about so whatever is going on with your Characters is probably unique to your Account, how you built those Characters in the first place or is just some new weird bug because, well, I saw this and nearly freaked out that a ton of my stuff would be broken and after checking I don't see anything obviously off but that's not really that surprising given just how many ways there are to build a PC.

No matter what you should contact their support, I guarantee they'll have questions and troubleshooting for you to at least see what is going wrong.

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So, going further, and submitting a bug report, Lemtwist Bratham Mallentwine Flannelfoot Smythe Olgen Jeebs Nathers Bingham (sr) has Gnome Obsession and the feats that gives are not populating as they should and I didn't get trained or have the upticks for the new Lore Gnome Obsession gives.

I sent a bug report for a similar bug for my new character involving the Tapestry Refugee background wanting all three skills instead of a lore skill and one of the two choices for it.

The new UI is awful, by the way, and hopefully temporary.

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