Remastered Rogues king of Critical Successes!?

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So Rogues now get Critical Success on every save at level 17. Starting with Reflex at 7th, Fortitude at 9th and Will at 17th...That's absurd.

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Surely this is a misprint or OP read wrong. Rogues were already ridiculous, well not mastermind or eldritch trickster but the others were stupid strong in and out of encounter mode.

What saves do Monks get?

They are player core 2 so we don't know. I don't know why rogues get this, I've literally never heard anyone complain about rogues having normal martial saves.

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Rogues pre-master got Expert fortitude at level 9. If that suddenly becomes Master, it's most likely an editing mistake.

Based on what I heard they get expert but get the success to critical success when they get expert.

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That sounds even more like an editing mistake.

Could be with the intention of avoiding damage from traps as expert dungeon delver. But applied to everything would be excessive IMO.

If this isn't a mistake, then rogue has become the class with the best saves in the game. Even though Fortitude stays at Expert, you can just grab Canny Acumen as your level 15 general feat for Fort, so you have 2 master and 1 legendary proficiency save at level 17, with all 3 saves having success = crit success and one having crit fail = fail results.

Now rogues can basically poach the whole identity of monks with the exception of AC:

Best saves? Well rogues just overtook monks in that regard.

Unarmed attacks? Just go monk multiclass and grab one of the finesse stances. With the new Thief change that benefits Dex to dmg on finesse unarmed attacks, you now deal more damage with unarmed attacks than a monk could ever do using the same attacks they do.

Flurry of Blows you say? Just get level 10.

Move speed? Just use one of your way too many skill feats for Trick Magic item and get a wand for 2nd rank Longstrider (or new name Tailwind).

Ki spells? Well, you already are multiclassing monk, so just pick some up on the side.

Flurry of Blows being available via archetype was probably a mistake tbh.

Rogue's always had some pretty good synergy with Monk though since the stances are superb sneak attack "weapons".

It has to be an editing error. There's no reason they should get better saves than every other class in the game, especially since no other class in the remaster got any save improvements at all.

We're hoping it is a misprint to be fair, if it isn't well....We're in trouble.

I expect it's a mistake, but they tried the same thing on purpose in the animist playtest (expert proficiency upgrading a success to a crit success), so maybe not.

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