Catfolk Arcane Bloodrager Build Advice (1E)


Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for a catfolk bloodrager, specifically the arcane bloodline. Was thinking of taking the alternate racial traits of nimble faller and scent. Obviously for 1st edition.

Being catfolk, were you thinking of going with a dexterity build?

Nimble faller isn’t bad but you can get a better effect with a cheap magic item, boots of the cat.

Yeah, I was thinking of having Dexterity be my primary stat (possibly alongside Charisma for the magic), but not sure whether to go with Strength or Constitution.

For a dexterity build, you’d want to go with an urban bloodrager. And you’ll probably want to work towards Fencing Grace for dexterity to damage.

Urban bloodrager. I can work with that. as for the Fencing Grace, that would take a bit to get being a catfolk and needing both Weapon Focus and Weapon Finesse, but I think I can make that work...

So for DEX-to-Damage there are a few ways to go: FENCING GRACE and SLASHING GRACE are more-or-lese the same feat for different weapons. Note that Slashing Grace gives the example of a Longsword but gives no way for you use Weapon Finesse with a Longsword, this is because this feat was written with the SWASHBUCKLER in mind. A 1 level dip into Swashbuckler would be enough, or you could simply stick to light weapons that can use Weapon Finesse anyway (a 1 level dip for Parry/Riposte isn't a bad option). Swashbuckler also works fine with Fencing Grace. Alternatively you can go with DERVISH DANCE, which is 1 less feat but locks you into the Scimitar and stops you from using a buckler.

The other usual method for DEX-to-damage is to put the AGILE property on your weapon. This frees up some feats, but likely won't come online till a bit later and also will delay other weapon upgrades like KEEN or FURIOUS. If you have a lot of feats you want this could be a good way to go, but it also means that finding a cool +3 flaming weapon of awesomeness is less exciting for you since you rely on an enchantment that won't be found on random loot.

Regarding going STR vs DEX build, DEX is a better stat for everything besides damage, but STR is better at damage. Having a +2 racial bonus to DEX means +1 to hit and damage, but you can't get the 1.5× stat modifier to damage with DEX unless you take 3 levels of Unchained Rogue (which is an option but is a huge delay). My 17th level Bloodrager has 30 STR, which means he's getting +5 damage from the 1.5× modifier, and another +5 from the 1.5× modifier to Power Attack, plus his base weapon gives 3d6 damage as opposed to a 1d6 Rapier. That's 2d6+10 damage as a bonus that a Rapier-wielding Catfolk wouldn't have, and I've saved 2-3 feats as well. The cost for you there is that it would be -1 to hit because you wouldn't get your racial +2. It's also worth noting that STR gives you Climb, Swim and a higher carry capacity (not terrible but not terribly amazing either), while DEX gives you bonuses AC, Reflex saves, Initiative and a whole lot of useful skills. So it's a trade-off. If you go DEX you spend a few feats and get way more defence and utility, if you go STR you get more damage and save some feats. Both are good. Also note that there is a high level Barbarian/Bloodrager feat called RAGING BRUTALITY which lets you add your CON to damage a few times a day, so either way you'll end up dealing pretty massive damage.

As far as Charisma is concerned you only need 14 CHA for a Bloodrager, and you only need it that high by level 13 so that you can cast 4th level spells. You could go with 12 and buy a headband of CHA if you like. I ended up going 14 CHA and getting a +4 Headband on my Bloodrager because the headband was cheaper (16,000gp) than a 3rd and 4th level RUNESTONE OF POWER (18,000gp and 32,000gp respectively) and I wanted the extra spell slots. I can't imagine taking a Bloodrager past 18 CHA, the benefit isn't really worth the cost unless you dip Paladin or something.

For Bloodlines all I can say is that the Arcane Bloodline is very strong.

Oh and one last tip: At early levels Bloodragers are actually kinda fragile, their HP isn't enough to really tank but the penalty to AC is a significant problem. When you get to level 7 or so this suddenly switches and you'll never be in danger again, but those early levels you actually have to be careful. If you decide to play DEX-based Urban Bloodrager this won't apply to you since you'll have a higher AC from DEX and Urban Bloodragers don't take a penalty to AC. I guess that's probably a point in favour of the DEX-build.


already ahead of the first part with Weapon Finesse, will pick up Weapon Focus (rapier) and then Fencing Grace. rest of the feats...only one I can think of is Extra Rage to get more out of rage. And I'll definitely be picking up the furious property. Also, as for the AC penalty when raging, that won't be a problem since I'm going with urban bloodrager-which means I don't take that AC penalty when raging.

Posting on this again because I’m in a dilema

On one hand I want to multiclass with oracle (dual cursed, tongues for flavor and lame for mechanical), but that would require 5 levels of oracle, should I go for that or just stick to full Dex build urban bloodrager?

Oracle curse still advances with multiclass:
An oracle's curse is based on her oracle level plus one for every two levels or Hit Dice other than oracle.

So can make a 1 level dip and curse will advance at half-rate. VMC is probably out due to feat cost.

Ah, so I would get the fatigue immune bonus from the lame curse at level…11 total?

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KoolKobold wrote:
Ah, so I would get the fatigue immune bonus from the lame curse at level…11 total?

You'll get fatigue immunity at character level 9 (1 level oracle plus 8/2 = 5 effective levels). You will get the 10th level armor speed penalty removed at character level 19 (1 + 18/2). You'll never get the level 15 exhausted immunity.

I grok do u wrote:
You'll get fatigue immunity at character level 9 (1 level oracle plus 8/2 = 5 effective levels). You will get the 10th level armor speed penalty removed at character level 19 (1 + 18/2). You'll never get the level 15 exhausted immunity.

That’s good to know! I plan on choosing dragon for electric resistant (and story related reasons)

This is a little unsolicited advice but if by chance you want a 3rd curse you could dip a level into Unchained Summoner with the Soulbound Summoner archetype. They also gain an oracle curse that would advance at half level as well. For a little extra flavor you can stack the Twinned Summoner archetype with Soulbound as well. Then you would have a clone of yourself so you could be in 2 places at once ;) Of course your eidolon would never progress past 1st level so would be useless in combat but you could use it as a pack mule, standard bearer, etc. Technically you don’t even have to ever have it summoned at all if u don’t want.

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