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According to the organized play rules, "Each other creature controlled by a PC whose location outside their PC’s square affects the encounter is also represented by a pawn. No PC can place more than 2 pawns per adventure including their own. Temporary creatures who last no more than an encounter or two do not count toward this limit. Creatures who stay in their owner’s square during encounter mode do not require pawns." This rule obviously puts a limit on how many minions a player can be commanding at a time, and makes sense. The nightmare scenario of a a Gnome summoner with the beastmaster archetype having their eidilon, animal companion, and burrowing familliar all out at once is not one that should be sprung on an unsuspecting GM.

However, what I'm hoping I'm wrong about is the implication that once a PC has placed a minion's pawn/miniature, they cannot replace that minion with a different one. The above wording above seems clear that this is the case, but, well, It bothers me that beastmasters can't swap out their animal companions in organized play. I'm not trying to flood the board, I just want to be able to change between a Capybara and a Pangolin as the situation dictates.

Tl;DR: are beastmasters prohibited from swapping one animal companion out for another during an adventure in Organized play?

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You can swap just fine. It means no more than 2 at one time. So if you go into a narrow cave you can swap out your horse with a wolf, or leave the mount outside and let your familiar move about freely.

You can also think of it as the same pawn, just with different stats.

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Can confirm that the intent of the rule is that the beast master's swappable companion (and any similar option) counts as a single pawn that changes form from time to time.

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