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What's this year's best Halloween adventure? It's Lost Revelry, of course!

So that GMs can run it smoothly, I'll try to answer any questions related to the adventure that you post in this thread.

Below are also a few notes of my own. Probably goes without saying, but here be spoilers.

Lots of Logs:
In the first part of the adventure, there are many log entries and events that are dated X days before Lulora's last transmission, i.e. the one the PCs saw in the briefing. If the players wish to piece together what happened, advise them to take notes of the events and dates.

Here's a complete, ordered list of events that are mentioned in the adventure. L-x (e.g. L-4) indicates how many days before Lulora's last message the event happened.

L-4: Lulora and her crew arrive. She is eager to uncover the Revelry's secrets.
L-3: Lulora is growing obsessed to figure out why they can't approach the ship.
L-3: As a test, Aurinkar fires the Vigilance's plasma cannon at the Revelry.
L-2: Aurinkar describes their strange visions to Lulora in a secret message.
L-2: Lulora starts designing her ritual. She mentions her crew is having strange dreams.
L-1: The ritual fails, but Lulora comes up with an improved ritual.
L-1: The adapted ritual works. Lulora's crew is preparing to enter the ship.
L-1: Rosm and Kelm want to replace the ship's capacitor array, but never complete the task.
L-1: Before Lulora's crew enters the ship, Lulora replies to Aurinkar's secret message, wishing them luck and warning them about the ship.
L-0: The crew returns from the Revelry. Pinjatar is severely injured.
L-0: The medical robot performs an emergency surgery on Pinjatar. Meanwhile, another crewmate washes her bloodied clothes in the washroom.
L-0: Lulora sends her last message to Ixthia. She has blood from Pinjatar's wounds on her face.
L-0: Lulora and her crew gather in the mess hall one last time.
L-0: Aurinkar leads their crewmates to the lower decks of the Revelry, where they make their last stand. Aurinkar makes it to the engine room, only to be captured and tortured.
L+1: Lulora's crew hasn't returned and she suspects they're dead. Realizing her failure, she attempts to launch an escape pod and dies a few hours later.

A3. Interlink Corridor:
The first door listed should read "the laboratory (A2)". It is not possible to access area A1 from the corridor.

A10. Escape Pods:
The pods are labeled as A, B, C, D, E, and F. On the map, pod F is the one at the bottom.

The Revelry's Decks:
The adventure mentions a number of decks and other areas on the ship. The order of the decks (from top to bottom) is the following: upper deck > middle deck > passenger deck > engineering deck.

The upper deck contains not only the welcome area but also some administrative spaces, the ship's bridge, and some of the higher-end accommodations.

The middle deck has the majority of the ship's entertainment venues and also many hotels and stores. The upper deck doesn't cover the middle deck entirely, instead forming a ring along the edges of the area, which gives the middle deck a spacious feel, like being in a city.

On the passenger deck, the corridors are narrower and the ceiling is lower. It's where the economy-class accommodations and many less glamorous stores and venues are located. There are also parking spaces for vehicles and hangars for smaller vessels.

Finally, there's the engineering deck, which is off-limits for passengers. Besides machinery and other technical spaces, there are also cabins and social spaces for people working on that level.

On page 12, the part that says "Out on the passenger deck, the situation is even worse" is not wrong as such, but at that point, the PCs are going to the middle deck, which of course is similarly overrun by the undead.

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Some errata / clarification:

A15. The Bridge:
The last question on page 10 reads: "Any PC who realized Lulora is a ghost may attempt a Sense Motive check. If successful, the PC realizes Lulora doesn’t seem to know she’s dead, and she may find it harder to accept the truth than a lie."

It's likely many groups have already found Lulora's body by the time they reach the bridge, so they already know she's dead. Any PCs who have seen the body should be able to attempt the Sense Motive check even if they don't succeed at the Religion check.

Having said that, knowing that Lulora is dead doesn't allow them to automatically identify her apparition as a ghost. I mean, she could be any type of incorporeal undead or even an AI-controlled deep fake holograph... who knows. So, the Religion check is still useful.

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This is all extremely handy; thank you.

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Thanks, John!

Here's some new errata for

D. Heart of Gravity:

The encounter doesn't say what happens to Aurinkar after 5 rounds if the PCs don't disable or destroy him by then. I think it makes sense that after 5 rounds the sphere turns back to Aurinkar and starts dying just like he does when destroyed or disabled. If there are only 4 PCs, Aurinkar doesn't transform, so I think it makes sense that he starts dying immediately.

There's no duration given for the shaken effect; it should end as soon Aurinkar is destroyed or disabled, or after 5 rounds when the transformation ends, whichever comes first.

I also noticed in my previous post I was talking about a Religion check; that should be a Mysticism check, of course. It's sometimes confusing when you write for both games. Ah well, I suppose it'll get easier with Starfinder 2e. :-)

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