Does Twin Stars bring back a thrown half?

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I’m building a Dex-based exemplar (level 4) for a game tonight. His Gleaming Blade weapon Ikon is a dagger and I gave him the Twin Stars feat. Let’s say in round one, his actions are:

1. Twin Stars to split the dagger in two.
2. Melee Strike vs. Enemy A.
3. Ranged Strike with the other half vs. Enemy B.

In round 2, let’s assume Enemy B is fleeing or dead. Could my exemplar use Twin Stars again to fuse the daggers into one, effectively causing the thrown half to return? Mechanically, it wouldn’t change his attacks for the rest of the round - he would still only have one fully-powered weapon in his hand, but he wouldn’t have to worry about somebody grabbing the other half and running off.

The more I think about it, the more I think maybe Twin Stars may not be worth it on its own, just to get the circumstance bonus to damage (from the Twin trait) on the second attack. It would be much better if the exemplar had an option for a specific two-weapon fighting feat like other martial as have. But I’m still curious about whether the exemplar has to have both halves in hand to use Twin Stars to fuse them back together.

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