Deities that grant divine cleric spells

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What do those actually do?

The two metal elemental lords in Rage of Elements both grant Detect Metal. It's an all-tradition spell already so shouldn't it already be in your spell list as a Cleric?

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What they do is just add the spells to what you can prepare. That's why they aren't normally something on the Divine List. This specific case was probably a mistake. Possibly Detect Metal wasn't on the divine list when they were written, then they weren't updated when that changed.

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It does seem like a mistake because detect metal is also a cantrip, not a 1st level spell. So either the spell got changed or its meant to be fold metal.

Nice catch. I didn't even notice Detect Metal was a cantrip so that is extra unusual.

Looking through the other elemental lords, Kelizandri is probably the better example then. Grants Fear as a 1st level spell, another all-tradition spell. Curiously, he debuted in Gods and Magic so it seems this isn't a new oddity.

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