Precogs, Witchwarpers, and The Drift

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Witchwarper's abilities like Infinite Worlds, have a lot of similarities to how the drift works pulling fragments of other planes into the drift. Combined with Precog's abilities, dealing with time also having similarities to drift travel. Temporal Anomalie is not a bad way, to sum up how travel time works for drift travel. One possibility is that the Drift was there before Triune, and the first fragments were pulled in by Witchwarper using Infinite Worlds, and Triune was predicted by Precogs. Precog/Witchwarpers may have learned of the drift and even how to manipulate it, but were not able to travel to the drift. Perhaps it was only through the combined knowledge of Triune's three parts, that a way to travel to the drift was found.

If the combined Precog, and Witchwarper class had a connection to the Drift then perhaps a class name with Drift mixed into it might work. Or if it was Triune that named the Drift, keep it calling the class Witchwarper works too. The original Precog/Witchwarpers may have had another name for it and/or did not fully understand what the Drift plane was.

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Oh I like this idea. :)

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