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Ok , so I have an older group of long time players who are inquisitive and great players. We are just finishing up The Whispering Cairn and I tend to add a lot of items to the campaign as we move along seeing what they are in to and what isn’t working. I gotta say finding the piece to the rid of seven parts has lit a fire under them and also opens a means to possibly bring all that lore etc I. To this campaign as well. Do here is the idea and looking to see if anyone has tried anything similar to see what worked and what did not.

This is high level as nothing fleshed out yet. Ok I am thinking of tying in the rod of law to be used as a means to defeat Kyuss in the end. They have already secured one piece in the Whispering Cairn. So now to spread the rest of the pieces at focal points within the campaign arc. If I need to add a side quest here or there do it.

In turn, I also plan to change the story arc slightly. With this, bringing in the Age of Worms and raising Kyuss to god status is being driven by the Queen of Chaos who is trying desperately to bring Miska out of pandemonium to finish what she started. She has figured out that the key to Miska’s return is Kyuss as he is the one who holds the key to her release. Stop the Age of Worms, stop the return of Miska and defeating Kyuss will require the rod of law to defeat him. Hence a race to those parts in the campaign by both sides.

This is the basic idea. If anyone has done anything similar, let me know. This lore created in WC is just having my players intrigued and I think a good enhancement ti the campaign. I know this is an old campaign so doubtful I will see much but who knows. Thanks.

Silver Crusade

Have you read through A Gathering of Winds, It takes place in the WC but I believe it has more lore and should be an easy addition. Lord knows, that one needed a lot of love

I have not looked that far ahead. I do know it goes back to the WC and thanks for the tip.

LTTP, so not sure if you're still planning on doing this or how far you've got. But IIRC...

The PCs potentially end up with a second part if the Rod of Seven Parts by the end. I cannot remember under exactly what circumstances - I think possibly Tenser/Manzorian just hands it to the PCs if they do something else he approves of, but it is over a decade since I ran AoW.

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