[PFS2] 2-02 Mountain of Sea and Sky (GM Watery Soup)


This is open recruitment for 4 seats in #2-02, Mountain of Sea and Sky, a Pathfinder Society scenario for level 3-6 characters.

Two seats are reserved, for players Qstor and GM Tiger.

The game will move a slightly slower than traditional pace, likely 3-4 posts per workweek and 1 post on the weekend. I always aim for 1 post per weekday (5 per workweek) but I'm just being realistic about my schedule. I figure at this pace, the game will last 8-12 weeks, which means very specifically that characters that join this scenario should not plan on being available for GenCon.

This scenario is set in Minkai (Tian Xia), and the goal is to find a location for a new Pathfinder Lodge. Characters that are connected with Tian Xia (especially Minkai) [this includes characters that have a Chronicle for #1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road], or have backgrounds related to opening new lodges, or are of the Envoys' Alliance faction, will have priority.

Recruitment is NOT first come first served. I will leave this recruitment open for at least 72 hours (this will span one workday and one weekend, even if it's Friday in your neck of the woods already). I'll treat every player who applies in that time frame as if they had applied simultaneously.

To apply, please post:
1. Player Name
2. Character Name(s)
3. Character Level(s)

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