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Hello, I have a question about a garden of death rituals.

The maximum level of plants or animals called by the ritual is equal to its spell level, and the called plants and animals can use the ritual's spell DC instead of their own poison DC, whichever is higher.

1/For the level of plants or animals, the maximum level is 10, is it right ? It's not the Table 7-1: Creature Creation Rituals ? So with the ritual, it's not possible to obtain a viper vine.

2/The ritual's spell DC instead of their own poison, is it the DC for the primary check ?
For example, for a 10th level ritual (Table 10-5: DCs by Level : 39) and very hard (+5), the final DC is 44, is it right ?

3/ What is the frequency to collect poison/venom ?

4/ Is it possible to use the following rule to collect the poison/venom and determine the value of ingredients ?

To determine the value of ingredients you gain each day and the DC of the appropriate Medicine or Lore check, use the level 3 task entry in Table 4–2: Income Earned.


level task= CR of the creature
value of the ingredients = failed or value following the bonus proficiency

For example, an oppali has a poison effect with drain luck, so 4 gp to 6 gp with a successful check. (DC 27)

With a successful DC 27 Survival check, a character harvests 5d20 gp of this raw material from a defeated oppali (double on a critical success, half on a failure, and none at all from a critical failure).

Collect tough trumpets on an oppali, does it kill an oppali ?

Thanks for your future answer.

Horizon Hunters

1. You aren't creating creatures, no. It's up to the GM to determine which creatures are native to that area, and yes, it caps at level 10 creatures with a level 10 Ritual.

2. The Spell DC of a ritual would be the Primary Caster's spell DC, which does make the creatures very powerful.

3. GM discretion, likely a Downtime activity.

4. Again, GM discretion. This whole Ritual is GM discretion.

A very strange spell.

1) Yes. The maximum possible level of creature that it can call is a level 10 creature. And that is only for level 19 or level 20 casters.

2) Like all other spells, rituals will take their spell DC from the spellcasting DC of the caster.

3,4) It doesn't really say what the frequency of harvesting is. Which seems like a flaw in the rule text. Running it as a downtime Earn Income or Crafting activity would make a lot of sense. Use a task level based on the spell level of the ritual cast. Not sure on the DC, but I don't think it should be modified by rarity.

You might also look at the Gardens of Wonder rules from Treasure Vault instead.

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