Treat Wounds with multiple medics?

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Treat wounds states:

You spend 10 minutes treating one injured living creature (targeting yourself, if you so choose). The target is then temporarily immune to Treat Wounds actions for 1 hour, but this interval overlaps with the time you spent treating (so a patient can be treated once per hour, not once per 70 minutes).

I assume then, that if I have 2 people with Medicine, and one patient...

They cannot BOTH treat that patient. Whoever treats first triggers the cooldown and that's it. Correct?

We've been running it the other way in one game I'm in: each medic's cooldown being separate, and battle medicine as a third distinct cooldown. But I think we've been doing that wrong.

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Yes, you can't be treated twice within the same time period. Battle Medicine, on the other hand, does not have this restriction.

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Darksol's got the right of it.
Treat Wounds makes you immune to all subsequent treat wounds actions for 1 hour (10 minutes, with the Continual Recovery feat), regardless of who is attempting to treat wounds.

With Battle Medicine, it DOES depend on who is attempting the check. You can receive one Battle Medicine per person per day (barring other feats/abilities which change this "cooldown period", like the Forensic Medicine Investigator methodology).

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If for some reason have 2 medics in the party and only one player is needing healing one of this player can Aid the other improving the critical chance a lot depending from what DC your GM is using.

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As yurip said, aid is probably the best way to Go about it

Take real Operations as example
You only got one pair of hands in every chest cavity, the others are holding tools, holding stuff etc to make it easier for the chirugeon

I'm a proponent of coordinated treat wounds - the healers start and finish together thereby both having effect. (At least it would be quite a funny mind Pic).

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