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In the core rule books second edition, for the cleric edition, the book says that the class's featured ability is wisdom. The divine font ability runs off charisma though. Is this a typo? I am asking because other classes do mention multiple ability scores being used for their classes, but the cleric just says wisdom. I have a player who built a cleric and missed the divine font modifier being charisma and it is kind of biting him.

Also do clerics have to used to their deity's preferred weapon?

The spellcasting attribute modifier for Clerics is Wisdom. However, the number of extra Heal or Harm spells is determined by their Charisma mod.

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1. No, that's not a misprint, Divine Font does run off of charisma. I believe it's there mostly as a nod to PF1E, where the cleric's Channel Energy class feature was also tied to their charisma score. What difficulties is your player having with their font? Is it that there are too few uses, or what?

2. No, you don't have to use your deity's weapon if you don't feel like it. The weapons are there to give your cleric more flavor, and give clerics a possible martial weapon to use if they feel like it.

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If you are the GM and the player made a honest mistake in their build, you can allow a rebuild. That is what I would do.

Tangent: I met a guy in PFS1 who thought Clerics ran off of Charisma so had pumped that, leaving Wis at 14. Somehow he'd made it to 8th level before someone (me) noticed abnormally low his Perception was for a Cleric. At 14 at 8th, he wouldn't be able to bump it until 12th, cutting him off from higher level spells too. Though a change/upgrade in his mental stat item could fix that, he abandoned the PC (or said he would, dunno if he snuck a fix in since obviously nobody he usually plays with paid much attention). Felt bad for the guy, though w/ Charisma-skills being so important in PFS, he'd had an easier time for quite a while.

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Thaumaturges get a bonus to Charisma, but are still swinging their swords with Strength. Magi can get a bonus to Dexterity, but they still cast spells with Int.

Not every single Class runs off of a single ability score.

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Yes, some classes are quite M.A.D. in a tight number system.

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Divine Font is also an extremely powerful ability. Tying it's progression to a tertiary stat is definitely a balance decision.

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