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I keep hearing this movie is pretty decent. Not great, of course, but probably better than a lot of the super-hero cinema served up in recent years. Particular praise I've seen for the animation, the villain, how they work the multiverse, and the lead characters of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy.

The biggest negative I've heard for it is the length. Reviews I've watched say it drags a bit over the course of the 2+ hours. That run time is probably why I won't go see it in a theater, but I'll most likely give it a shot when it comes out on streaming.

From the reliable sources I heard they thoroughly enjoyed it and considered it a worthy successor to the first one. No mention of a drag in the run time though.

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It's about 2 hours and 20 minutes, it does feel like it drags a bit at the end.

Overall though, one of the best, if not the best superhero movies out there.

I highly recommend it.

I didn't realize it was a part 1, so the ending was more abrupt than I preferred. That was my only criticism

But it's definitely a great movie, and never felt like it was a 2+ hour movie. Certainly deserves the Oscar for animation, just for all the creative work going into the animation and making each universe feel distinct. I think I actually like it more than the first Spiderverse movie, especially since we start out with Miles Morales in his prime, rather than spending most of the movie building to him being a proper Spider-man.

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MMCJawa wrote:
Certainly deserves the Oscar for animation, just for all the creative work going into the animation and making each universe feel distinct.

The animation is one thing I've seen consistently praised. I look forward to eventually streaming this.

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This was absolutely worth seeing in theatres, so glad we did. I remembered the split story right as it was wrapping up, but I didn't feel any drag thanks to the high energy action sequences (which probably could have been shorter but then we would have lost some of the really nice cameo inclusions) and the slower character scenes being paced well.

The movie is even denser than the first, with so much to dig into on rewatches. Can't wait for it to release to streaming and definitely can't wait to see how Beyond the Spiderverse finishes. I honestly feel the same way after this as I did after Infinity War.

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Finally got to see this. It is very long, but I did not find that it dragged (I went to a 7:15 pm show, and my phone goes off at 9:30 pm to remind me to take my pills, and I was taken aback when my pill alarm went off (vibrating) because it had not felt like I had been sitting there for 2 hours and 15 minutes).

I agree with TriOmegaZero it was worth seeing on the big screen, especially to catch all the detail in the animation.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything except the main plot, and I mean that seriously. I thought the crux of the plot is one of those stupid things that seems to show up in superhero stories particularly: half the awful things in the movie wouldn't have happened if people would just have properly communicated with each other (and there was no reason for them not to). I find that very lazy writing and they could have done better.

But I enjoyed most of the subplots, and I enjoyed the characters, the acting, the animation, the performances, and the music. Also easter eggs galore and some fairly amusing meta-humor/in-jokes that were fun and didn't get in the way of the full story.

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